Mandy and Vassy? I can dream, can’t I?

In the midst of different tribulations, displays of feminine beauty are a nice escape for me. Perhaps they are too much of an escape for me. I am really not sure. I still wonder where to draw the line between art and porn. Beauty is beauty and naked female beauty is intoxicating for me. And then of course there is the whole religious thing too. Am I jeopardizing my soul by posting such salacious, even pornographic images? It is certainly a question I deal with.  But the allure of feminine beauty, especially erotic beauty, is so powerful for me.

So tonight here is a photo of two beauties. Girls getting it on with each other are hot. When I see a photo like this I like to indulge my imagination. So I imagine, given both their online confessions of interest in other girls, that this is a meeting  between Mandy and Vassy. I noticed both have been unusually quiet in their online lives recently. Mandy recently shut down her blog once again. Vassy recently started her blog once again. I wonder if this is the reason why? Perhaps both are exploring their sexuality. Hopefully they are doing it with each other.  I would love to watch.

I have such a dirty mind…