I love classic feminine beauty...

I mentioned in my last post how I hoped that Pippa might have a GNP. I have written about the GNP before; but for those of you who do not know what I mean by the GNP, well, it stands for the Glorious Natural Pelt. Or, to put in into more colloquial terms, quite simply, The Bush.

I am a huge fan of The Bush. I think a woman’s body looks much more sensual, much more sexual, with a bush. The bush went out of favor about ten to fifteen years ago, but from what I understand, it is making a slight comeback. I can understand the arguments both pro and con the Bush, each one has its validity (pro-bush: aesthetically pleasant looking, women look more like women than girls, etc; con-bush, seems cleaner, smoother, purer) and in the end it is really the preference of each individual which to prefer. I harbor no ill will for those who are anti-bush.

But to me the bush’s great value is in its reflection of a pure and natural female beauty. So from hence forth I want to begin posting photos of women I find to be pure and natural beauties. Thag has a nice reference today to the singer Shakira, whom I had never heard before until I read her post. http://forgetfulmuse.blogspot.com/2011/05/fashion-industry-hates-you.html. But she posts a video of one of her songs, and Shakira definitely has a more feminine body, and dances in a very enticing and erotic way. So that got me thinking about writing a  post on this topic and what I want to convey. Thag mentions how men really prefer more curvaceous women than what the fashion industry presents, and she is certainly correct. Most men want women who look like women, not skinny teenage boys.

I love the classic, all natural female form: curves, long hair, softness, and of course a lovely bush. Too many women today are being presented as twiggy, stick like figures, almost boyish in their appearance. Too many others are turning to the bizarre world of plastic surgery to enhance their appearance, and although this may certainly help some women, too many overdo this and turn into Frankenstein-like creations. Heidi Montag is a good example of a girl who looks a lot worse now after her plastic surgery binge than before.

More beauty...with a beautiful GNP.

So let us celebrate natural feminine beauties. A lot of the photos I will post are older, from a different time when natural women were the norm in erotic photography. If I could I would start my own magazine in this area! I love the traditional female form and I could be quite happy spending all my time searching out the best photos of beautiful nudes, all natural, erotic yet tasteful. I firmly believe good erotic photos can be placed in the real of art. And these are usually older, more traditional nude photos. Yes, I am a traditionalist too, Alte, in my own way, although in a way that those who frequent your blog would find, well, a bit filthy.