I love a harem…

Blogger girls I would like to fuck (well, at least the virtual safety of this digital fantasy world called blogging…):

Thag, Mandy, Vasafaxa, Alte, Lily, Kassy K., Rebekah, Chic Noir, Kathy, and of course the inimitable Miss Cio, just to name a few.  When others pop into my mind I will mention then.

I think each girl deserves a special post.  They all belong in my harem.

In other news, one recent commentator on Alte’s blog wrote this about the Catholic Church recently: http://traditionalcatholicism.wordpress.com/2011/05/24/back-to-the-roots-the-traditional-mass/#comments  I post his comment here as an example as to why I am now writing less and less about religious matters. The subject being discussed was the liturgical abuses unleashed after the Vatican Council and how the Catholic Church has turned into the whore of Babylon after Vatican II. It is lengthy but it is worth reading. I only give part here. You can read the rest at Alte’s citadel of traditional Catholicism:

“What these Whited Sepulchers are calling “Home” has become nothing but a serial adulteress, used, abused and drunk in vain-glory to the point that what was for almost two millenia the beautiful bride of Christ, she has now become nothing but the Harlot. God divorces harlots. Read Kings and Chronicles.

“The willfully deluded who attend these sorts of so-called “masses” come up to me and say “You’ve left the Church?” and I reply, “Hardly. The Church left me a long time ago.” Try as I might, I cannot bring myself to embrace a former love who left me in a psychotic fit of narcissism and made herself a whorish lover to all, her bedroom door flung open wide and ecstatically sinning along with the worst of sinners. She cannot condemn sin for she herself is the harlot and now stands for nothing. That is why all we hear from the empty pulpits is “Love” and “Forgiveness.” I’ve heard those pleas from many a whore in my time. “Lie down with dogs and you shall get up with fleas”, or worse.

“She has fallen for temptations of the Fallen One and isn’t even recognizable anymore. Once righteous and virtuous, her hair is now disheveled, then make-up heavy and smeared, and when dressed she wears the clothing of a streetwalker. And of the so-called priests, what is there to say? The pathetic excuse that tries to pass for one in our parish couldn’t deliver a Homily with any intellectual depth if you wrote it for him and held a gun up to his empty head.

“There’s no there, there” anymore. The Norvus Ordo Mass is an empty vessel which seems as if it functions to serve another “god”, and the so-called seminaries are turning out “priests” who know less than about the faith than did the altar boys back when I was serving the Tridentine Mass in my early youth. Vatican II sent forth furious ill-winds carrying destruction, and carnage is all I see.

I enjoy the erotic imagery in all this. It is amusing. I particularly like the bedroom door flung open imagery (gang bang, anyone?), and the smeared make up and disheveled hair. I guess Rivelino had a night with and came all over her face, multiple times. I like how often the most stridently angry religious people often use the most blatantly erotic imagery to convey their message. I guess they can’t handle the fact that they are still lusting after all those nubile chicks at Church.

But what strikes me the most in this comment is the bitterness, and even hatred, the anger and resentment.  Throughout my life I have met so many people like this in religious places, people upset that the world is not perfect, that the Church is not perfect and is made up of imperfect people, and such bitterness is one of the reasons why I have such a hard time sometimes getting close to any kind of religious body. I need faith; but too often the people are just so angry at what they perceive, rightly or wrongly, as shortcomings in their church, whichever one that may be. To me this atmosphere becomes toxic. Still, I try to overlook these things and go forward. I too have to recognize the imperfection of all involved, my own being paramount. And of course I must mention that there are more than just the bitter types at Church too.

But as far as blogging and writing, this is too much for me. This is why I enjoy writing about sex, posting erotic images, and just enjoying some forbidden fun on my blog. For those of you who may be upset at all this, just go away. I am not interesting in your preaching. I used to have a more religiously oriented blog before this one, but I received one too many comments like this, and found it too distasteful. Writing erotica is much more pleasant for me. I thought I might use this blog for some more serious religious discussions, and I will continue to talk about such things on some lesser level, but the above comment makes me realize I don’t want to be engaging in that type of dialogue on any level. I will save that for the more serious bloggers, such as Alte. She can save the world. I will concentrate on the erotic beauty hidden within that world.

Now, back to thinking about beautiful women, naked, smooth and with a luxurious, GNP.

I wonder if Pippa has a GNP…God I hope so.

And as far as beautiful women…Oh yes, and Pippa. I want Pippa too. It might be hard to get a member of the Royal Family into my harem though. I will have to work on it.