Paul Avril (1843-1928): French artist who painted many erotic works which were quite graphic for their time.

Sex dreams are strange things. Today I took a nap in the late afternoon and during this nap I had quite a sexual dream. It involved a girl I barely know. We were sitting down and talking, and before long we were closer, and then somehow the dream turned sexual. She gave me a blowjob and it seemed all so real. When I came, I came in huge amounts and all over her, which she loved. It is so strange, how real sex dreams can seem. When I awoke I was disappointed because it was only a dream! I have been incredibly horny ever since.

I wonder how it is that people whom we barely know can leave such a strong impression on us that we would have sexual dreams about them. What are the strange workings of the inner mind that produce such delights? Sex dreams are both a pleasure and a curse: a pleasure while you are having them because they seem so real, sometimes even leading to orgasm, but a curse because you wake up and realize they were just a dream. But the thing that always amazes me about sex dreams, and this is common for me, is how someone you barely know, or don’t even know at all, can become part of a sex dream. What is it? It is the hidden chemical attractions at work all around us that inspire such a seemingly random person to become the participant in a sexual dream?  Is it something even deeper and more mysterious? You can meet a person for only a brief moment, and yet somehow they enter your mind and thought process and eventually become part of a dream. Strange. And there are no answers for this.

I also find that when I am in a more celibate mode of life my sex dreams become stronger, more vivid, more erotic, even stranger. When I masturbate a lot my sex dreams are virtually non-existent. When I am with a lover or in a relationship my dreams usually involve her. Again, dreams are strange but fascinating things.  The above image by the French artist Paul Avril captures something of the phantasmagoria of unbridled sexual dreams. Often sexual dreams are unbridled, coming as they do from the inner recesses of our subconscious minds.  For all of us, strange and forbidden things lurk there, waiting to be released, through dreams or otherwise.

Well I hope tonight for some more sex dreams, even hotter than this one!