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I just heard on one of the countless shows dealing with the Royal Wedding that Kate Middleton had nightmares before the wedding that she was standing at the altar naked. If only! I think she is fairly hot. Of course, as I watch all these images from the wedding, I can’t help but wonder what this girl is like in certain, private ways. However, out of deference to the one last bastion of unabashed Anglo-Saxon greatness left in the world, the British Monarchy, I won’t delve too far into that subject, at least for now. Let me just say that I might be lusting after her.

With Britain being flooded by countless immigrants from all over the world, most of whom are hostile to most things Western, it is at least somewhat comforting to still see a few remnants of what made the British a great people and a great nation, the idea of an ancient nationhood embodied in the monarchy, something that tells the present that this country once had a great past, and a great past based on the racial pride of the white man.

The British were superior to most the people in the world they conquered. People don’t want to admit that today, but the fact is they were far advanced in laws, institutions, culture. Yes, India had been around a lot longer, but when the British arrived, India was a fragmented, chaotic nation of various warring ethnic groups. Even most Indians today would admit they owe a lot of their present day stability to two hundred years of British rule and the institutions the British left behind. Much of the chaos in Africa today perhaps is partly due to the British not being there long enough to establish the institutions that might help to reduce tribal strife. The British educational system was once the greatest in the world; even today, a degree from Oxford still trumps most degrees, especially in the humanities, from an American university. The British navy to this day is still a great fighting force.

The Royal Couple

The British aristocracy symbolizes at least some sense of higher culture, of a refinement that in the old days most commoners wanted to somehow strive for. I think the loss of an aristocratic norm has had negative effects on society: we now are ruled by the least common denominators, the most thuggish and brutish elements of society set the standards. People dress likes slobs. They talk like idiots. They display their most crude behaviors in public. In the past spitting in public was considered so low class few would dare do it; now it is the disgusting norm. There is no sense of common decency or standards. The old aristocratic class, as bad as it was, at least set the cultural standards for the rest of society and those standards were usually high and refined.

I personally despise “multiculturalism” and “diversity” as they are understood by most today: namely, anything that smacks of European dominance is somehow bad and all other peoples are the poor, suffering victims of the white man. I have no problem with other people in the world, and I respect different peoples and cultures, but I love my own culture too, and am not afraid to proclaim the historic greatness of the white man, the man of Western Europe, and in particular the Anglo-Saxon conquers of the world. English is the dominant world language for a reason.

I despise the self loathing so many whites feel over their historical accomplishments. Were there mistakes, brutalities, and crimes? Of course. What nation or people have not committed those? But we also possess the power to change things that are wrong, such as slavery, which is something most cultures are incapable of. If Muslims or Chinese had ruled America with Africans as slaves, blacks would still be enslaved today. Our greatness, our contributions to the good of the world, far outweigh our faults. And we are so far advanced beyond all other cultures in scientific and technological discoveries it is not even funny. Other nations copy us, such as China, but none have been able to outdo us in the creation of new things, except maybe the Japanese. But they were smart enough to want to emulate the West, when they saw how powerful the West is. And I am not even mentioning our art, laws, music, literature, philosophy, political institutions…

It was not by accident that we basically conquered the whole fucking world over  the past five hundred years…and that is not even to mention the Greco-Roman greatness of antiquity…

The Western man needs to get over the Second World War, Adolf Hitler, and the horror of that time. He needs to stop feeling guilty over his past. He needs to embrace his greatness, for only through embracing his past greatness can he be great again. He needs to do this now, before he is completely consumed by the unending flood of people into his world that have a fundamental hostility to his very existence. I speak mostly of Europe here; America has her problems too; but our immigration issues are different. Hispanics have been a part of the New World longer than the Anglo-Saxon and North America has a historic link with the Spanish speaking peoples of the South. I actually enjoy quite a bit of Latino culture, which is still fundamentally Western. Blacks have been here as long as Whites. Asians are productive members of our society. We all need to learn to live together and work together as equals in this country if we are to survive as a nation.

No, when I speak of these things I mean in particular the insanity of mass Muslim expansion into Western Europe which can ultimately only lead in one direction: violence and strife. Large and still growing Arab and Turkish Muslim populations in historically Christian countries is a recipe for disaster. It can only end badly. There are many Muslims who say openly they look forward to the day when they can hoist the Crescent Moon atop of St. Peters. If you think this is fantasy, just remember that Hagia Sophia was once the greatest Orthodox Church in the world, for a thousand years. When the Turks captured Constantinople in 1453, the largest and wealthiest city in Medieval Europe, they turned that once great Byzantine Church into a Mosque. Today it is a Museum. Most Muslims are aware of this as most Christians and Westerners are not. They remember history as we do not. They still see themselves as future conquers linked to a past filled with conquest.  They do not believe in “diversity”. Christians in ALL Muslim dominated countries are a repressed and openly discriminated against minority.  When will we in the West start to pay attention to these things and stop our masturbatory fantasies over how equal and wonderful all cultures are? They still stone to death women in Afghanistan, or hang homosexuals in Iran for being gay.  We don’t do that in our society, and we are superior, yes,  superior, to them because of that.

I think the Princess might have a wild side...

But back to Kate…yes, she is hot. I bet she likes to fuck. I bet she is a screamer too. Oh yeah. I will be writing more on her.

God bless the Queen!