Delicious…I’d love to slip that dress off her…

I have been so damn horny lately it is not even funny. I blame the Spring.  Here my thoughts on the matter. Beware, for you out there of a more pure disposition, the following is highly charged sexually.  Read at your own peril.  Don’t even ask me to reconcile this with my religious beliefs, because I can’t.  I know my thoughts are sinful. Yet they swirl around in my mind this time of the year.

As far as unexpected sexual urges, some days are more difficult than others. But spring unleashes the most potent forms of sexual desire imaginable. It is strange, because in biological terms, fall actually stirs more sexual longings in males, because it is best to impregnate a woman in the fall so she can have the child during the spring, when conditions are better for raising a new born.

But spring offers different reasons for explosive sexual desires. Well, actually one main reason: half naked pretty girls. Yes, the clothes come off and I absolutely love the views. After the tedious, soul crushing cold and greyness of winter, spring fills my soul with the warmth and beauty of nature’s rebirth. And part of that beauty are half naked pretty girls. The girls are out and many are dressed their spring clothes: the short skirts, the tight pants, the flattering tank tops, the low cut blouses which hint at the soft breasts beneath, the hot little shorts. I love it. I can’t get enough. I want to fuck every one of them. I want to lick, taste, eat their moist vaginas. I wonder what they are like sexually. I want to know what they are wearing beneath those nice, pretty little skirts, if anything. I love seeing the soft, delicate and sensuous curves of their freshly revealed bodies.

I saw a girl walking down the street the other day. She was wearing a nice, white sun dress. It was a hot, sunny day and I could clearly see her panties through the thin fabric of the dress. How delightful, I thought. I lusted after her. I wanted her. I imagined how she dressed that morning, how she put on her panties, then her bra, and then slipped that dress over her body, and went out into public wearing nothing but that thin dress and her underwear, knowingly and willingly so. I imagined how such a girl would love to fuck. I imagined bending her over, yanking up her dress, ripping her panties off and fucking her hard from behind. I imagined eating her out for hours. I imagined the intense sexual pleasure I would share with such a creature. We would not even know each other’s names; we would just fuck for the sake and love of fucking. Such lustful thoughts. Spring offers such sights, such desires, such inflamed thoughts. As I said, after the weariness of winter, the sudden appearance of such images can quickly flood and overwhelm the mind and imagination. The flesh burns more fiercely as the lengthening days and warming sun seem to drench me in an all consuming heat. I love it.

Spring is a smorgasbord of beauty: the budding flowers, the renascent foliage, the newly migrated birds, the almost impressionistic stroke of nature’s brush in the kaleidoscope of brilliant colors. Amid all this natural beauty are all those pretty girls, the essence of feminine beauty. Beautiful women make the world such a prettier place. I pity those poor Muslim countries where such things are unthinkable. I love my Western decadence.  I love a world filled with hot, sexy, beautiful women.

Such lovely sights I see during the spring…

When I see all these beautiful, alluring creatures wandering about, exhibiting their feminine sexuality to the whole world, I think how tragic it is, that I cannot pleasure each and every one the way they deserve to be pleasured. There are so many pretty, luscious, yet neglected vaginas out there waiting to be eaten by me, waiting to be tenderly licked by my more than eager tongue,  waiting to be fucked, and fucked hard by me; and yet there is only one of me. There is only so much I can do. So many girls will have to live their lives without the knowledge of what the ultimate in sexual pleasure feels like. Still, I do what I can. I try to service as many as possible, to bring them some degree of sexual satisfaction and sensual happiness. At least I have some small consolation because I know to some degree, humanity is better off because of my sexual altruism.

Such are the thoughts that are unleashed in my mind by the glorious warmth of spring. However, I know it is best not to act on them…or perhaps even allow myself to think them. Still, it is hard not to this time of year.  The struggles, sometimes delightful, go on…sometimes I burn out of control.

I love beautiful women!