What a douchebag.

Rep. Chris Lee, R-N.Y., recently resigned from his House seat after posting this photo of himself on Craigslist.  Some people have questioned whether he should have resigned: http://www.inmalafide.com/blog/2011/02/09/chris-lee-are-you-f-ing-serious/but I have no problem with this. If he had merely had an affair with a woman, I would not have cared. But he was stupid enough to post this dumb looking photo of himself on Craigslist. He is in good shape for a man of 45, but he looks pathetic here.

What has happened to our world? Is there no longer any sense of privacy? Do we no longer have any sense of decency, dignity, or self respect? Why the need by so many to post one’s half naked photo and spread it all over the world? Perhaps I am just more of a private person than others, but this seems to be the strange phenomenon of our current world, the need to post a salacious photo of yourself for all the world to see, even if you are a rather pathetic looking middle age man. Are we that lonely and fragmented as a society now? Has our modern, industrial, technological world so broken the basic bonds of human interaction that we all must feel the need to do these things now in order to have some sense of connectedness? Or maybe the guy is just a closet homo and loser? Whatever he is, he just looks so pathetically needy of attention, like some teenage girl.

It is one thing for hot women to post photos of themselves. There will always be a market for that. But men doing it is just stupid. Most women don’t care that much how men look or are turned on by a man’s body, rather, they tend to seek something deeper. Yet Craigslist and other adult sites are loaded with some of the most depressing and disturbing images of men posting photos of themselves, their bodies, everything. I wonder how many women actually respond to these, at least women who are not three hundred pounds and have to shave their face at least once a day. Sharing photos with a lover in private is one thing,  I don’t care what people do in private, but the public display of these images is bizarre.

These men (as well the border line pedophiles out there) are making all men look bad. I am getting tired of it. Some of these dudes need to have the shit kicked out of them by the rest of us to instill some sense of basic dignity in them. This basic sense of dignity, of self worth, of class and decent social conduct, is now so sorely lacking in our world. Men who post images of themselves online, in desperate hope of some pussy, are pathetic. Older men who wax eloquently about the joys of pursuing  the “ thrilling appeal young girls” need to be confronted. I can understand the younger guys, guys still learning about life in their twenties, doing this, because youth is allowed certain indiscretions, but men thirty five or over should no longer be doing these things. Men over forty should especially not be doing these things. There is something seriously amiss here. I partly blame the idiocy and destructive philosophy of “game”, which has infected so many men with the notion of capitulating to the worst demons of their natures in the pursuit of some pussy. And usually there is also added into that equation some element of hatred and revenge in reaction to the past harms committed by women. Sometimes I think “game” is a truly evil philosophy.

The one word I always think of when I think of the whole Alpha/ PUA/Game scene is this: neediness. Needy, whiny little she males bitching about how bad women treat them and then seeking out their revenge on them by trying to bed as many as possible, needy little male bitches seeking the validation from as many women as possible that, yes, they too are liked and desirable, like some drama intoxicated, hyper-emo teenage girl endlessly gazing at herself in her mirror, that yes, they are truly not the losers they know they really are.  The contradiction of men who claim to despise and not need women, who claim to be truly Alpha like, strong and above it all,  yet who seek out to bed and conquer as many women as possible and let the whole world know about it so they can be validated is always amusing to me.  For the men who genuinely enjoy women and sex with them, that is one thing, but I don’t sense a whole lot of that in the Roissy inspired Alpha/PUA/Game scene.  Perhaps I am wrong,  but that is my sense.  A true Alpha will bed many women and care less how many other men know about it. He does not need their online and blogging juvenile high fives. He does not need it because he already knows he is a man.

I am tired of it. I want a return to some standards. I want men like this to be ostracized and humiliated. I want them to run home and cry like the whiny, stupid little bitches that they are. If a man has an affair, I really don’t care. Eliot Spizter with a prostitute, I could care less. But men who post these sorts of images are idiots. Middle age men who pursue “appealing young girls” are pathetic, if not sometimes criminal.

These pathetic idiots are making the rest of us men look bad.

What has happened to our world? This is why Islam may win in the West, because Islam still has some sense of public standards and decency. At least from my limited understanding of these cultures, men and women both act and dress a certain way in public, and that way is at least some attempt to be dignified. We have totally lost that in the West. Totally and completely. The Muslims have their God. I pray to our God that he will help us return to some dignity in our society.

As I have written on this blog before, in the past men and women dressed and acted a certain way in public. They wore nice clothes. They used nice language. They did not spit. They were more courteous. Now, we post photos of ourselves online, which is a public sphere, in hopes of getting laid. It is so sad. At times like this, despite my complaining about certain aspects of my religion, I thank God I have that to give me some guidance in these areas.  Christianity is very clear about one’s conduct in public.

Cary Grant: A reminder of a lost of age of dignified, public standards.

But one does not need to be religious to have some class. Can anyone imagine Cary Grant doing something like this?