Robin Meade: still hot at 41, with the brains to go along with it. A hard combo to beat.

Here is another example of a good looking older woman. Robin Meade, a CNN anchor. She is 41. Yup, 41 and she looks better than most girls half her age.

For all you border line pedophile, Humbert Humbert types out there who enjoy the “thrilling appeal of young girls”, sorry, but I happen to like my women a little older. Usually twenty year old pussy is not worth the price of a twenty year old mouth. As a man gets older some life experience in his women is a good thing. I do like having an intelligent conversation with a woman, and lets face it, most twenty year old girls are incapable of that. They may still have the body, but that is usually about it. When you get past their giggling, bubble gum chewing mouth, usually you will find very little of substance to come out. It is not their fault, they are just a bit too young for the sort of life experience and maturity that I enjoy sharing with a love interest (this is not true for all girls that age, there are some who are more mature than others and capable of holding a good conversation with me, even being close, but they are rare). Also, it does not bother me if a woman has had previous lovers. One of the benefits of that is that she knows what she enjoys in bed, and that helps out our mutual pleasure sharing. I actually like my women a little experienced, even a little dirty. I like a woman who knows how to fuck. I don’t want to have to waste my time trying to “teach” her stuff. It cuts down on the drama. They are less inhibited. All that means consistently good sex. Also, I know I am good enough in and out of bed to satisfy any woman and make her forget about all her past lovers. As one women put it to me, “You have made me forget about everything except you.” Sometimes I even enjoy hearing about a woman’s past sexual experiences, in a pervy way. Yeah, I am a little freaky that way. So the idea of finding a “fresh” and “wholesome” girl is not all that important to me. I like my women real: as women. And most real, live women have had past lovers. This is a hard concept for a lot of the loser, wannabe Alpha/ PUA/Game crowd to grasp, with all their disappointments and rejections from various women, with that still unhealed disillusionment gnawing deep inside them, the disillusionment of learning that their high school crush was sucking the quarterback’s cock, and how that tortured them so, knowing that their pure and perfect crush was such a dirty little slut, and with their never ending search for the Holy Grail of that one perfect girl: the unstained, untouched, untainted, uncorrupted specimen of a pure virgin, someone who has yet to ride the cock carousel, who has yet to be turned into a whorish American girl, someone who has not yet had a dozen cocks in her mouth, the typical trashy slut they so despise, yet one they eagerly want to corrupt into the same cock craving slut, to “teach” her to be the whore they so disdain. Then again most decent, real adult women tend to reject them anyway, realizing they are for the most part complete losers and thereby forcing them to prey on “fresh” and “naive” teenagers who don’t know any better yet. When these girls eventually do grow into women, and they all will, when they do learn better, when they mature and experience life, they will end up having contempt for the Humbert Humberts, laughing at them for their pathetic neediness, laughing at them the way those girls in high school used to laugh at their pathetic beta attempts at dating. So the guys who lust after the “thrilling appeal of  young girls” will end up the same place they were in high school twenty and thirty years after their high school experiences: losers, laughed at, mocked, and alone–and even worse: fat, balding old men desperately masturbating to “young girls” in porn, since they are now completely incapable of attracting those such girls any longer (at least they had some chance when they were younger), or even worse, in jail.

What a bod on her, and those boots, damn!

The mantra out there is that youth trumps everything when it comes to love and eroticism. I reject that. It is one of the shallow obsessions of the juvenile PUA/Game crowd (after playing video games and wearing baseball caps backwards while trying to score chicks at loud bars). Yes, youth is important, but there is more to sex and love than simply physical youth.  A woman can still be beautiful, attractive and alluring into her forties, even beyond. Intelligence and experience are also a part of beauty. As far as Robin Meade, I don’t have much to say about her, except that she is hot. It is possible for women to age well in our world, despite what the world around us says. Perhaps it is rare these days, but it is not impossible. She has brains too. I like that. Beauty and brains and experience and maturity: a great combination for any man looking for a real relationship with a real woman.