The Visigoth sack of Rome in 410 under Alaric I.

I love these arguments about how everything is going to hell (Alte sees the end of the world in her post, especially in the comment section:, and when the collapse actually began. I have been reading this stuff for years, mostly on private blogs and web sites, ect., and the thesis is always same, with different degrees of hysteria and paranoia.

So this is how it usually goes: there was once upon a time a mythical golden age of pure, free government, prosperity, and personal freedom. Then something happened. If we go back in time starting from today and summarize, the major culprits of our societal decline are:

The Election of Obama: the end of the universe as we know it. At any time now, the entire cosmos is going to collapse on itself and we will all vanish into the frigid darkness of eternity. Roissy’s maniacal laugh will be the last sound heard from the human race before he too is forever lost in the eternal nothingness that has been prophesized  by the Darwinian dialectic of Game philosophy.

The 1960’s: The age of decadence. Rock and Roll destroyed everything that was pure and beautiful in our world. Women start to enjoy sex more and officially become whores. And the Vatican has officially condemned Led Zeppelin as Satanic, so there. And blacks should still live in a segregated society. Fucking Civil Rights movement.

The New Deal and Roosevelt: The beginning of big government. Fuck those people who were out of work for years, could not find food, had to work twelve hours a day just to buy a meal. As we know today, bankers and pure capitalists always act for the common good, so we would have pulled out of it eventually. Fuck you John Steinbeck for writing about the plight of those dirty farm workers. They were just lazy whores.

The Civil War: The end of the old republican form of government. The Union victory was the worst event in all of human history (except for the slaves, of course). Fuck you, Abe Lincoln, you filthy proto-socialist, bleeding heart liberal. Who cares about blacks anyways. Slavery was good for the economy!

Andrew Jackson and the rise of democratic politics. Giving the filthy common man the vote was the beginning of the end of the good old aristocratic way of doings things. And fuck those Indians who died on the Trail of Tears. We needed that land for lots of Wal-Marts later.

The Constitution: The end of the Articles of Confederation was the first step to big government. Few things worse than a national currency rather than a difference currency for each state. Imagine the nerve of James Madison.

The Breaking with the British. We would be more sophisticated culturally if we had remained loyal to the King. Fuck you George Washington and Thomas Jefferson!

The Counter-Reformation: Evil Catholics kill lots of Protestants and freedom. Fucking Catholics, worshiping Mary in their pagan Church.

The Reformation: Evil Protestants break from Holy Mother Church and rip Western Civilization apart. Those bastards. Imagine wanting to think for yourself.

The Middle Ages. For Catholics: the most blessed time in all of human history. For Protestants: still living under the oppression of the Catholic Church until God brings them Martin Luther and the Printing Press. For atheist, agnostics and witches, frequent burnings at a stake was probably a lot worse off than living in a modern socialist society.

The Fall of Rome: The precursor to America. As a matter of fact, the “fall” of Rome existed solely for the purpose of giving future American bloggers lots to write about. The Romans planned it that way. Some of the 1,000 word theses on this topic on various blogs are quite entertaining for their idiocy

Before the Fall the Rome: most bloggers are generally ignorant of Western history before Rome, because the History Channel does not cover all that much before the Fall of Rome, so we will stop there. The history of Greece is not quite as sexy as the history of Rome, except for, say, the Persian Wars, or  Athens, Sparta and Alexander the Great, or  the first and greatest poet of them all, Homer, or the great philosophers, Socrates, Plato, Aristotle, or the great tragedians, Aeschylus, Sophocles, Euripides, or the great comedians, Aristophanes and Menander, or the great lyric poets, Sappho, Alcaeus, Pindar, or the great orators, such as Demosthenes, or the great historians such as Herodotus and Thucydides, or the great statesmen, such as Pericles, as well as the great mathematicians, architects, sculptors, etc. You get the point. That shit is boring and not as exciting as watching hour long TV shows on the Vandals and Visigoths sacking Rome. But I digress. Filthy Greeks, they were all a bunch of homos anyways.

The Garden of Eden. Yup, the true beginning of all our corruption. Of course it was all a woman’s fault. Damn you, Eve! She proves the PUA, Game, Roissy crowd have been correct all along, and women are the source of all evil in all of human history. If only Adam had known Game, was a PUA, or had read Roissy (why did you not create Roissy on the seventh day, Lord???), we would all be better off now. Damn. Fuck you Eve, you filthy, slutty, bar hopping, cock-carousel riding, apple eating whore!!! Adam should have just banged her, and then deleted her number from his cell phone immediately after! I read Roissy himself once used this method as a good punishment for feminine vicariousness (and then I noticed it popping up on various PUA copy cat blogs afterward).

So you see, history is cyclical. All of our problems started with a woman, and today’s problems are of course the fault of women. The manosphere has more the proven that. I would put Roissy right up there with Aristotle. Perhaps even Moses for his prophetic skills.

And on and on….

The Vandals finished off the Romans in 455

Yes, history is cyclical. But each era is a mix of good and bad. Yes, things are bad right now in a lot of ways. They are also better too in a lot of ways than before. Sometimes I think we need a revolution to clean things up. Then I remember that a revolution would probably make things a lot worse, as most revolutions usually do.

Seek change at the local level first, in your own personal lives, families and friends and communities, and work up from there.

The amount of fantasizing going on out there on blogs about redoing all of Western civilization makes me wonder if a lot of the online world is not inhabited by mostly paranoid, basement dwelling megalomaniacs with few social skills. I still remember one post by some blogger once who said that his post was “going to start a national debate” on whatever topic he was writing on. Yeah, the power of one blogger to make a change. This was few years ago and I think I missed the debate.

Sitting at home and reading different blogs I think can be bad for one’s mental health. Blogging is fun, but I would rather read a good novel, a good poem, listen to good music, than spend too much of my time reading most of the drivel that is out there. Also, where do people get the time to write their own posts, read and respond to the comments, read other blogs, and then read and respond to those comments? It must take up an enormous amount of time. And for what? It is real easy to be an arm chair revolutionary. It is also real easy to incite some nutty people too.

Now don’t get me wrong. Blogs are good for finding information. Some are quite entertaining. But these more gothic posts summing up the end of the world are a little ridiculous. This is why I like to write lots of posts on fucking pretty women, because, like fucking lots of pretty women, most blogging in the end is kind of vain and silly.

More Visigoths sacking Rome. This is the future of America. Store up on your food and water now, buy gold, and be prepared to fight to the death. The end of our world is coming!

Nota bene: I find it amusing that many write about the “Fall of Rome”, without taking into consideration that the Eastern Roman Empire lasted for a thousand years after the collapse of the Western empire, and was known as Byzantium, and was a fairly flourishing civilization for many centuries. It ended with the Fall of Constantinople to the Turks in 1453. The revival of learning in the West was brought about partially by the influx of Greek scholars fleeing this event.

The Muslim take over of this once great Christian city is something people in Western Europe should be concerned about today, as a precursor to what could happen to them even now.