A pretty girl in pretty underwear is a beautiful sight.

I have been writing a lot recently on spiritual matters, but I do not want my readers to think I have forgotten about the carnal matters. No, one of the themes I would like to develop here is the relationship, and tension, between the spirit and the flesh. Spirituality is important to me, as are fleshy desires. Eroticism is a mingling of the two, sometimes an innocent mingling, sometimes not.

So just to remind people of my carnal side, which is always there, I will post one of my favorite topics: women in their underwear. As I have said before, I think I must have a fetish about this sort of thing, but I find seeing a woman partly clothed, say wearing nothing but a pair of panties and a t-shirt, or just bra and panties, incredibly erotic. There are few things I enjoy doing more than lounging around in bed on a lazy Sunday afternoon, after a night–and morning– of hot passionate sex, my lover wearing nothing but a pair of panties. And of course there is always that intense thrill of when you first undress a new lover and see what she is wearing underneath her clothes. In certain ways seeing a woman her bra and panties is more stimulating than seeing a her completely naked. Well, perhaps not, but there is something to be said for the power of the imagination. When I see a pretty girl I almost always say to myself, “I wonder what she is wearing beneath her clothes.” Such are my erotic thoughts.

So in addition to some other regular series I would like to post on, I think I will start a series of photos of women, in nothing but their underwear. I think it is nothing put pure and wonderful beauty. Enjoy.