Nativity Scene

Despite the often salacious nature of this blog, I actually have certain fairly deep spiritual beliefs. I believe in God, for instance. I am sure most people of a religious bent would find this blog strange if not sacrilegious, given some of my explicit sexual posts. Nor can I offer any coherent explanation of why I write certain things, except to say I want this to be an open and honest discussion of different issues: mainly cultural, intellectual, spiritual, and sexual. I also enjoy the entertainment I may provide people with some of my more outrageous posts.  I have both an extremely high sex drive and a deep need for spirituality as well. Perhaps these contradictions are too extreme to sustain. I really don’t know.

If you do believe in God, you can spend your entire life wallowing in secret desires and even lifestyles. Many religious people often lead double lives, saying one thing and doing another. I could write many posts on this and I in fact plan to. So I try to be open about everything, and perhaps there are others who feel the same way, or derive some sort of benefit from my writing.

If I detach spirituality from dogmatic religious beliefs, then it is easier to discuss these things. For instance, it is pretty much agreed among scientist and psychologists that prayer is a good thing. Prayer leads to a more healthy life. And of course there are different types of prayer, depending on whatever religious persuasion a person may be.

Writing exclusively about sex and sensuality can get boring after a while, so I will probably be writing on different topics too, as I have already done. I added new blogroll of spiritual blogs, just to broaden things a bit. But then again I always consider blogging a work in progress.

But in the end, the bottom line for me is that I need both spirituality and sexuality in my life. At times one is stronger than the other, but I think the best path is some sort of integration of the two. How one does this within a Christian context is often difficult and different denominations emphasize different things. So I don’t offer any answers here; I only offer my own experiences and perceptions of the world around me. One the powerful things in the world for me is beauty, and beauty in all its various manifestations, whether it be in women, in nature, in art, music or literature, or in whatever manifestation, such as the kind smile of stranger during a difficult day. Beauty is not a bad thing, rather, we can say that God designed beauty for us to enjoy, including beautiful women. This does not necessarily always mean a sexual enjoyment, but I don’t believe it excludes it either. And of course the most important Christian concept is love, even though most Christians may be a bit deficient in this area, including myself. But writing about love can be related to writing about sex, and the best sex by far is sex in the context of love. Even Roissy values the power of romantic love.

Christmas is a holiday enjoyed by most people; even most of those who are not Christian can see the value in this event and derive some good out of it, especially if we think of it as an event of love and goodness. So I want to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!