The good girl is perhaps even more alluring than the slutty girl...

Given some of my previous posts, this one may seem a bit schizophrenic. But one of the themes of this blog, at least for me, is the tension between the sexual and the spiritual. We are often told that the best thing in life is to achieve a balance between the two, but striking that balance is often difficult. My last post I dealt with the purely corporal, sexual, enticing aspects of eroticism: the allurement of the slutty girl. This post I would like to focus on something a little bit different, the other side of feminine allurement, the modest girl. I suppose the best would be to find a girl who is a mixture of both: modest on the outside, a slut in bed. Yet modesty is not that superficial, nor is being a slut. The modest girl may have religious reasons, or she may simply be frigid or dislike sex; the slut may simply be a girl with a high sex drive a few inhibitions. So these are much deeper emotional and psychological qualities than labels can apply. Perhaps the ideal integration of these two is impossible to achieve, or perhaps all girls are really mix of the two on some level and the one or the other may come out at different times, depending on the circumstances.  Perhaps it is simply that I love both sluts and good girls equally and always look for a combination of both in my women and if that is impossible, I like to enjoy both on an individual basis.

Why do I find the modest girl attractive? It is hard to say. If she has some sort of spiritual center, that makes her even more attractive. There is something, at least for me, quite alluring about a modest woman. As much as I enjoy the slutty girl, in reality, a modest girl is much more attractive than the skanky, hoe mentality that so many girls seem to take on today. A good example of skanky, hoe mentality would be the strange show, “The Bad Girls Club” on the Oxygen channel. I have happened to catch a glimpse of it every now and then while flipping through the channels and if this is any indication of what young women hope to become then our country is all but lost. I am sure it is great entertainment, and I am all for a good laugh whenever I can get one,  but in reality girls who act like that are so unattractive.

There is a certain kind of beauty to restraint. I am sure part of it is simply my own male instincts at play. Men need to know that the women they love are not sleeping with other men, that the children they bear are our children (even though I have my own filthy and perverse fantasies about these sorts of things). An attraction to modesty is probably linked to all this, since the modest women is more likely to be faithful than the slutty woman. This would be the more primal response to modesty. Of course I have also written about some of my darker desires when it comes to enjoying sex with women, but I suppose, in the end, if I had to make a choice, I would always choose in favor of the modest girl.

But there is also something about a girl having standards, of having self respect, of not being easy that is attractive. Perhaps it is attractive because it seems so rare today, or the girls who are like that do not stand out in the obnoxious way that the “Bad Girls Club” types stand out. So often I hear girls, especially young women under twenty five, swearing, spitting, fighting, acting more like teenage boys than young women. I live in a small town with a large university so I am surrounded by and know many girls of this age group. It is cool to be bad. This has always been a part of youth, of course, but now it is being codified through the myriad of media outlets in a way that did not occur in the past.

I am not arguing here that girls need to be saints, pure, or prudes. Going to one extreme is as bad as going to the other. What I am talking about is a general sense of restraint, standards, dignity. It seems people like this are in the minority now, to be sure. But they should be encouraged and respected for their choices.

A bit of modesty also inflames the imagination all that much more. And I enjoy using my imagination, even when it usually leads to more carnal places.