The following video is hilarious. Yet this women gets this right. She brilliantly summarizes the utterly primal and explosive nature of female sexuality. You must watch the whole video to appreciate this, but she basically says how a man can fuck a woman into submission, dominate her, control her with his penis, and how she will love every moment of it, and every inch of him. I have had many women tell me, after enough sex, how much they loved my cock. Not so much me, but my penis. They loved how it made them feel, how good it was, how it did something almost mystical to them. They longed for it when I was away it, attacked me and it when we were finally together. This woman has it completely right. As she says, “All penises are not created equal“.

There are many great things in this video, but some of the best points are things such as:  how a “dog” , a man with “penis power” can come along and easily steal  a woman way from a good beta provider, a man who does not have “the same penis power” as a player. A man can soothe and caress her woman through fucking her.  A man can be in “predator mode” looking for pussy, and women will respond;  she will viscerally love him when he, “knows how to work his hips, work his buttocks, when he twists her and bends her like  pretzel,” when fucking her; and, my favorite: “screwing her into submission, he’s screwing her into slavery, he is using his penis as weapon to break her ass down…” Every man should memorize that as a rule, if they want to keep their women from straying. When he is fucking her, he should call out, “Whose vagina is this, who does it belong to?” and if he is fucking her well she will SCREAM out his name.  It is programed, from her vagina all the way to her brain to be his slave if he can dominate her sexually. She basically has no defenses once his penis is inside her, pounding her, touching the inner depths her vagina. And then when he is away from her, she will lie in bed thinking about him and his cock, tossing and turning, masturbating, trying to recreate that intense sexual experience, and it will drive her crazy to think that he might be fucking someone else, the way he fucked her, slapping another woman’s  ass while she screams out his name. Perhaps some day we will be able to call that last idea, “Rivelino’s Revenge”.

And every woman out there knows she is right.

Watch, and learn.