So, there is this relatively new blogger out there, Ashlee Karen (see my blog roll under Ashleeekaren). She seems like an interesting, good natured, intelligent woman, with real life experience, who is undertaking a unique experiment. She is trying to go a year without sex. A hard task for anyone, but certainly a hard task for an attractive, engaging woman such as herself. She seems like someone who could have sex with most any man she wants, and given what I can glean of her personality online, most men would enjoy her company.

I understand the need for celibacy and a break from sex. Often in my own life I have wanted some balance, or even withdrawal from sex, especially after a period of frantic sex with multiple women, or after a difficult breakup. I also know how difficult this is. The erotic urge is a powerful one; but one of the contradictions, at least for me, of refraining from sex, is a greater sense and appreciation of the erotic powers. Despite my own at times overwhelming sexual passions, balance in sex is something I believe in. So I cheer Ashlee on in her struggle and goal of no sex for a whole year, and I wish her luck. I know she will experience personal growth and happiness in her project, and will be better off in the end.

However, I also want to tempt her away from this project. In all my depravity, I would love nothing more than for her to fall, give in to her sexual desires, and once again enjoy the wonderful pleasures of hot sex. After such a long time the sex would of course be hot, if it were with the right person. And if I were given the opportunity, I would love nothing more than to seduce her myself.

How would this come about? I really don’t know. I can imagine different scenarios. One of the things I enjoy doing is talking with women, and I have found, contrary to what many say in the PUA sphere, that a good, long and in depth conversation with a woman can stimulate her in other  ways. A woman is often attracted to a man’s mind, and if she is also attracted to him physically, well, a good conversation can lead to more than simple intellectual pleasures. So perhaps we would get to know each other through discussion, long and in depth, and perhaps some of our discussion would be in private, late into the night, and either her place or mine. I image she would be dressed well, perhaps wearing a pretty but sexy dress of some sort, a dress that teased me with her body, without showing too much.

One thing I know for sure: our conversation would eventually turn to sex. She is open, sensual, and sexual, and enjoys talking about sex. Unlike so many girls out there, she does not possess that stern and solemn puritanism, that inability to let go when it comes to sexual things, both physical and mental. And from there, talking about sex, we would eventually begin to explore sex with each other too…

I am not sure what Ashlee likes, but I guarantee she would enjoy the full course Racer X treatment. From what I can see of her she has a lovely body and, although I have never seen it except in a blurred photo, a cute face. I see long hair, curves, sensuality, the things men love. I can imagine running my hands through her hair while I kissed her neck or while we enjoyed sharing lots of warm kisses. Like all girls, I am sure she enjoys the art of kissing, and most likely would love to be kissed for long periods of time. Most men don’t understand the importance of kissing well, how this readies a girl for more and deeper sexual pleasures, and opens her up to experiencing fully the joys of sensual love. It is the true bridge between “game” and successful sexual pleasure.

But I can image, after such a long time, after suffering through all that abstinence and all those frustrations, Ashlee would warm up, heat up, even over-heat, very quickly, once I started kissing her. I can imagine her moans, her soft sighs as I kissed may way down her neck to her shoulders, and then downward, to her luscious breasts, and began kissing her through her dress, while massaging and caressing her breasts at the same time. As I was kissing her I would smell her perfume, the fragrance of  her hair, and it would all mix in with the softness of her body to create a powerful and beautiful moment of anticipated erotic pleasure. The frustration in her would build suddenly to a boiling point, as she felt my mouth on her breasts but only through the fabric of her dress, and, when she felt my hand move slowly but firmly between her legs and up her dress and over the completely soaked material of her lacy panties, she would scream out, “God, please fuck me right now, I can’t take it anymore.”

And I would oblige. But I would make her wait. Yes, I would tease her. I would tell her, “Yes, I am going to fuck you, I am going to fuck you like you have never been fucked before, but I am going to do it when you are ready, and I need to get you ready.” And I would say this as I slowly moved my head down her body, lifted up her dress past her hips, pulled off her panties, and dove into her long neglected vagina. And there I would stay, licking and kissing her pussy, giving it the attention it most sorely needs, drinking all her juices flowing out of her in a long awaited glorious release, until she was more than satisfied. And I would do this as long as she wanted, as much as she wanted, to make her as ready as possible to feel for the first time in so long the pleasures of a large and exceedingly hard cock inside her.

We would still be on the couch, unable to move, so heated would our passions be. After such a long time, the niceties of slow love making in a soft bed are to be bypassed for now, in favor of the furious and intense fuck of long awaited sex. As I licked and tasted her pussy she would become more and more lost in sexual ecstasy, and more and more desirous of feeling that final and most complete sensation. I can imagine her bucking and writhing her hips as my tongue caressed, licked and sucked on her engorged clitoris, as my fingers caressed the inner walls of her vagina, as I gave her the attention she had so nobly denied herself for so long. And then, after she had her fill of oral delights, I  would finally stand up, and she would lean over and in a heated and impatient manner, unbuckle and unzip my pants and yank them down, and gasp when she saw the large and firmly erect penis in front of her. Unable to resist, she would take me in her mouth, wanting to feel first with her lips and tongue what she was eager to feel later with her burning pussy. And I would love the feeling of her warm, moist mouth on me, sucking and licking me, her hands cupping and massaging my full balls, her mouth then sucking on my balls, all while I ran my hand through her dark, silky hair. Then, wanting to waste no more time, with her dress still yanked up past her hips but her panties ripped and now lying on the floor, I would pull he dress up over her shoulders, rip her bra off, spread her legs wide, position myself atop her, and firmly but gently insert my cock inside her. She would scream, loud and intense, at the feel of my large cock first entering her, first slipping past that tight little entrance and into the full depth of her pussy, and she would grab me from behind and pull me into her as deeply as possible. I can imagine how wet she would be, and how tight her sweet pussy would feel, especially after being neglected for so long. And then, once she felt comfortable with the fulness of my cock inside her, our fucking would begin.

And fuck we would. It would be fast, furious, intense, hot, violent, without inhibitions, full of fire and the explosive power that only a freshly broken celibacy can bring. I love to pound a woman, hard and fast, and that is how I would pound her. In all our manic rage  her legs at times would be wrapped around my waist, then up over my shoulders, or spread out wide across in a lovely V shape as I grabbed her feet aloft. Her moans and screams flowing from each thrust of my hard cock would fill the entire apartment, perhaps even the entire apartment building. Only our passionate kissing would mute them. Now that her dress had been ripped off, exposing her whole body, I would enjoy the vision immensely. And of course we would kiss even more, as I fucked her, kissing her neck, face, hair, her breasts, every part of her that I could while we fucked . And then, in the midst of all this, I would pull my cock out and tell her to turn around, so I could fuck her from behind. But before she did that I would let her taste herself on my cock, and she would take me back in her mouth, taste her juices on my cock, and then we would kiss, and we would both taste her juices on my lips and we would both enjoy it.

And then I would fuck her from behind, one of my favorite positions, loving the site of her ass. Again, it would be intense, as I fucked her, slapping her ass, massaging her tight little butt hole, pulling her hair, fingering her ass, doing everything dirty I could to her. Her screams of pleasure would only increase with each powerful thrust of my cock inside her, as I grabbed her hips and pulled her onto me, or as she moved back and pushed herself into my eager cock. And we would fuck, and fuck hard, over and over again like this, until the moment came when we could not take it anymore, and I finally exploded inside of her. She would love the feel of my warm cum filling her vagina after such a long time, and in our exhaustion and sweat I would lean over onto her, and kiss her disheveled hair and moist face, both passionately and delicately, and tell her how much I enjoyed ending her celibacy. After such a long time she would be speechless, and would whisper in sweaty panting a few words of gratitude, while we kissed and collapsed onto each other, me still being behind her, my lips mingling with her hair and her lips. Then, as we kissed some more, she would softly mouth, “Oh God, it has been soo long, I don’t know how I made it that long…”

But of course this would only be the appetizer. Soon enough we would move to the bed, to engage in more pleasures, pleasures that would last the whole night, because after such a long time without sex Ashlee would need special, serious, and thorough erotic treatment. And I am just the man to give it to her.