For a beautiful example of  what is a “Glorious Natural Pelt” (as I wrote in a previous post), the following post on “Retrotic” should be viewed: The woman in these photos possesses, for me, a perfect and most lovely form of that long lost female treasure.

But more than an image of a woman with a beautiful bush, I think these photos in general are a good example of something that is both artistic and erotic. They are sexual without being crude, explicit without being tastelessly graphic, and they display a true sense of femininity that is often missing in today’s more up-front world of porn and erotica.

I also believe that too many of today’s erotic photos, or visual erotic art in general, is too heavily masculine. By that I mean the models often look too hard, tough or masculine. I think it is interesting to remember that in 1979, when these photos were taken, there was nothing out there compared to the plethora of images we can find today, thanks to the internet, so Playboy models had a much bigger impact of standards of erotic beauty than they do today.  The models back then were much softer and feminine than today’s models.  It seems that a shift has taken place over the past thirty or forty years in ideals of female beauty. Today’s models, with their artificial breasts, butts, and other body parts, seem less real than the models of the past. And for this reason they often seem less alluring and attractive to me. These older models seem more real, more natural, and are certainly more similar in their bodies to the actual women that I have slept with, made love to, and felt next to me, naked, in bed. They have curves, hips, lovely breasts, round yet cute asses, an overall delightful softness and delicious femininity that is inviting and soaked with fertility,  and of course, perhaps most revealing of all, they posses that most precious treasure which is sorely missing today, that wonderful, God-given creation that all generations of men have so blessedly enjoyed except ours, The Glorious Natural Pelt.