I love a girl in a pretty dress. This one would be worth serenading.

I have always found Natalie Wood to be quite beautiful. Although she came of age at the tail end of the great Hollywood studio system, and is more identified with the sixties and seventies, she still has much of the classic beauty of the earlier era. It is hard to define, of course, but I suppose some of the qualities of this “classic beauty” would be a certain class, restraint, sensuality, femininity, and an evocative, even alluring yet not so forward sexuality.  I suppose my theme with all these older beauties from the past is how their sexuality was more hinted at, more teasing, and in many ways more seemingly secure, than many of today’s upfront and all to blatant displays of sexuality. In other words, a woman in a pretty dress is far more attractive than a woman wearing some Lady Gaga type of costume.

And like Rivelino, I too find a brunette with fair skin and large eyes nearly irresistible.