For those of you who curious about wading into the forbidden, murky waters of anal love, I will offer you a few pointers (ten, to be exact) based on my own experience over the years, as well as what I have read in various places. I will keep this short and sweet, making it as tight and all encompassing as possible, sort of like a woman’s ass. Consider it Racer X’s ten tips for anal sex.

Rivelino mentions  how anal sex is increasing in popularity.  He relates how he has tried anal sex, but that the girls he tried it with did not enjoy, and he actually hurt them in the process. So I thought I would share my wisdom with him and everyone else, and tell you what I have learned in my adventures into this activity, which is still illegal in many states, and may even earn you the death penalty in some countries. This ten point guide is meant only as an outline, and not an encyclopedic volume on anal love.

Rule Number One: Don’t just jump into anal sex without her being ready and prepared!!!

1. Be patient. First and foremost, the woman must be prepared and willing.

You cannot simply shove your dick in a woman’s ass without any forewarning, or preparation. That is not going to work.  A girl must be prepared, and there are many levels of preparation, both mental, physical, and sexual.

2. A woman must be ready mentally and emotionally for this act.

You have to introduce the idea to her. Talk about. Joke about it. Tell her how your previous girlfriend loved it. She may even ask in a fit of curious annoyance, “So, did you ever do anal with HER?” Let her know how forbidden it is. At first she may express complete disgust and horror, but, and only if you are good in bed and are proven at satisfying her sexually, she will eventually start thinking about it, in secret, and then one day she will probably surprise you by saying, “I really want to try anal sex.” If she feels love for you, the effort will be easier on your part.

3. Before you get to the actual anal sex, you have to introduce her butt to different forms of anal stimulation.

First, simply show lavish attention to her ass. Kiss her cheeks, spank her, get her thinking about that area. Then, and in different stages, explore her butt. You don’t have to do it all at once. Perhaps you may want to start with a gentle massage of her anus with your finger, or perhaps you might want to escalate to licking her ass. Trust me, if she is open to this, she will love it. For some reason women prefer to have their assholes licked more than they do fingered, although if you introduce a finger to her ass, she most likely will enjoy that.

4. Do not pressure her into anything.

You must gauge her feelings, her emotions, her openness to sexual experimentation. She must be ready. If she is ready, she will enjoy it. If not, it will be difficult and she will probably dislike it. Now anal sex can be an emotionally risky behavior for women. She may end up hating you, although she will respect you for trying, and in her female mind, she will probably be deeply intrigued and then love you, perhaps forever, for being bold enough to go down this dirty and forbidden road, even though she may hate you forever for fucking her in the ass, although she really will love you more than ever because she knows only alpha’s will try anal sex and women love alphas.

(Again, as these first four tips suggest, and which I cannot emphasize enough, in order for a woman to enjoy anal sex, and, consequently, in order for you to enjoy anal sex with a woman as frequently as possible, they must be prepared, ready, willing. Once you have established that, you can move on the the technicalities of the act, which the remaining tips will now cover. )

5. Use lots of lubrication.

This is essential. The penis is not going into her rectum without lube, unless you want her to scream in agony. That would probably ruin the whole thing for her forever, and your dreams of being a sodomizing Casanova will be forever lost. There are all sorts of different types of lube, but avoid petroleum based ones, since the clean up is more difficult. One girl I fucked in the ass was so wet that her juices covered her asshole and I slid right in (we did it missionary–more on positions in #8). That was a hot experience. But generally you will need to buy some type of lube and use it.

6. Ease the penis in gently.

Don’t shove it in. You must be gentle. You must be patient. Slowly, guide the head around her anus, then gently guide it into her butthole and when you feel the resistance of her sphincter muscle, stop and let her relax. If she shows any discomfort, stop altogether and try another time. If she is good to go, continue gently pushing, applying more lube if necessary, and eventually you will feel her sphincter muscle upon and your dick slid into her ass. You may even ask her to back into you, so she has some control over the rate of penetration. A combination of you pushing in and she pushing back is the best combo. Communicate. At that point, if you feel your cock snugly ensconced within the dark mysteries of her anal cavern, and if she has never have anal sex before, she will no longer be an anal virgin, and you will have stolen her anal cherry. If you are still an anal virgin, you will both have experienced something which is all too rare into today’s world: two virgin’s losing their virginity (albeit anal) to each other. Rejoice in your triumph. Your cock in her ass means that you have now reached  the most advanced level of the sexual arts, sort of like earning a graduate degree in physics.

I freely admit I love a woman’s ass.

7. Keep it forbidden and taboo.

Chicks love the forbidden. They love thinking that they are being bad girls, and are not all vanilla as they seem in public. They enjoy pushing societal boundaries. As one girl said to me, when I was fingering her ass, “It feels weird but I like it.” They enjoy knowing they are in the presence of a powerful man who makes no bones about fucking them in the ass. Darkness intrigues them (this is why they love Vampires so much). Anal sex in the ultimate in forbidden, dark sexual pleasures. As another girl told me, the first time I fucked her ass, “Oh god, you are really sodomizing me, aren’t you.” She came several times.

For this reason, keeping it forbidden and taboo, I don’t engage in anal sex on a routine basis. It is a special treat, something to do occasionally, like eating a a whole chocolate cake in one sitting, or something like that. It feels great when you are doing it, but you don’t want to do it all the time. Otherwise it will lose it’s mystery and/or could become an unhealthy thing. Plus you don’t want to overdo it when it comes to that part of the body, because it does have its physical limits. Again, the vagina and the rectum are not the same.

8. Massage her clit while you are fucking her in the ass, if possible.

There are different positions for anal, but the one I find women like the most are her lying on her side and you behind her. This will allow you to most easily massage her clit and that will only add to her pleasure. Also, you can finger her pussy, and this will add to her pleasure also. But other positions would be behind her, or on top of her. Each couple needs to find their own comfort zone. Butt love can be fickle.

9. Once inside her ass, don’t thrust too hard, unless she likes that.

You need to be careful about the rectum. It is not elastic like the vagina, so pounding it like a pussy can be dangerous. You need to be careful and not try to hurt her in any way, while at the same time being forceful enough to give her pleasure. She may say though, as one girl did,  “It hurts but it feels good.” I still have no idea what that means, except she wanted me to keep on going. I did. She came several times too.

10. Be hygienic.

Always be clean. A shower before sex is always good, and clean yourself up afterwards. I have never had any unpleasant outcomes with anal, so it is a lot cleaner than people may think, although there is always the potential for something embarrassing to happen, given the nature of that area. And never put you penis back in her vagina after anal without thoroughly washing it. If not, you can give her a nasty infection. Using a condom is recommended, for obvious reasons, but be careful of it slipping off and sliding into the oblivion of her rectum. Shitting out a used  condom, I suppose, can be an unpleasant experience.

So, for all those out there curious about anal, and especially Rivelino, give it a try. Some girls like it, some don’t, but you will never know if you don’t try.

P.S. And if you are really into the anal arts, let her finger (and do whatever else) with your ass too. You have no idea how much chicks love giving anal pleasure as well. It is their ultimate revenge for penis envy.

P.S.S. The anal 69 is particularly nasty.