There is just something so exquisite about Ingrid Bergman...a true, all natural beauty.

So what makes the perfect example of feminine beauty? This is a question that needs asking.  A few years ago I saw Casablanca for the first time.  What amazed me even more than the fact that I had never seen this movie, was how good it is. Truly, it is one of the best films of all time.  The atmosphere of the film, the dark shadows, the cultivated yet raw sophistication of Bogart, the eternal beauty of Bergman, the tension and passion more implied than stated, the action and adventure, create a wonderful cinemagraphic work.  I had never seen Ingrid Bergman before. I have to say though that she is one of the most beautiful actresses I have ever seen.  Not just her physical beauty, but her demeanor, her inner tenderness, her charm and grace and class.  When I see a film like this I am reminded of just how far our civilization has deteriorated in recent decades. Where are the Ingrid Bergmans of today? Perhaps Julia Roberts, or a few others, but there are not many. I will take a woman like Ingrid Bergman any day over the hoards of overly tanned, cheaply dressed, bubble gum chewing chicks who make up American womanhood today.  Every time I see a girl walking down the street wearing a pair of pink shorts with the words “juicy” inscribed on the back, I am reminded that beyond a one night encounter, I could never take such a creature seriously. Ingrid Bergman, at least her screen persona, is someone that I would take seriously.  Long live such classic beauty.