Sofia in a comment on Girl Game a while ago said that she enjoyed the feeling of warm cum on her face: Of course, I find this hot. But some girls enjoy facials, others don’t. I wish I could find a study on the breakdown. As far as Sofia’s delightful preference, she likened it to stepping in a warm bath.

Oh, I did not mean this kind of facial, I meant the other, dirty kind. I wonder if this girl likes them?

What I have found is that most women, when turned on, enjoy a man’s semen. I for one love cumming all over a girl. There is something very primal and sensual about covering a girl with my cum. It is territorial. It is sexual. Semen is the essence of sex, in many ways. Women have the eggs, but they are useless unless fertilized by semen. And the act of getting that semen into the vagina is what the whole sexual world is about. The breasts are another good place to spread your seed, if the girl is not into the facial. I have never met a girl who did not like a guy to cum on her breasts. Or if you prefer to shoot it somewhere else, there is always her tummy, or her ass. As one lover of mine once told me, while masturbating she liked to imagine the feel of “your hot juices coating my slightly cool ass cheeks”. I was more than happy to help her with that desire. Yum. One time when I was cumming on her ass she softly moaned, “Delicious, delicious…” That is the fun thing about semen, you can play with it in many ways with girls. Most love playing that way.

Girls love a LOT of cum too. When a guy can come in great amounts, girls take that as a sign of their own sexual powers, a sort of visible confirmation of their sexiness. I have always been blessed by being able to produce massive amounts of semen, and I always love how each and every girl reacts. When they see the prodigious amount they laugh, they giggle, there eyes open wide and they say thinks like “Wow, you cum a lot,” or “I have never seen so much cum” or “Oh my god, what a load,” to other things I cannot recall at the moment. But it is always turn on. It is sort of like tapping into that inner, hidden, dirty girl. So I love it when a girl gets into cum, especially my cum. There was even a song written about this a few years ago, by Liz Phair, called, “White Hot Cum”.  She writes how much she enjoys it and wants it.

So thank you, Sofia, for being a girl who is not afraid to admit that she enjoys cum.  I am sure there are many out there, but they are just inhibited to say something, for fear of being thought of the wrong way. I am always more than happy to oblige a girl with such sentiments.