Sometimes lust swells up inside you. You just want to fuck. Cheap, meaningless sex seems ideal. These thoughts swirl around in the mind. Lust seems to be like an electrical charge coursing through your body, setting you ablaze, consuming your every thought. It is a torturous thrill, a pleasant pain, an elusive longing. You need a woman.

I know sometimes women just want to fuck too. They just want sex, with nothing more. There are those times when you meet someone and these things come together, and meaningless, transient, even anonymous sex becomes an intense experience. It is rare but it does happen. This has happened many times in my life, although I tend to me more cautious about these things now, given the various risks involved. Still, I enjoy imagining things. The imagination is a great place to direct one’s lust, when love might be absent.

Women can never understand a man’s lust. It is physically impossible for them to do so. They understand the power they have over men; but they cannot really understand the power of the male sexual drive. How can they? They don’t have our levels of testosterone, they don’t have a pair of balls pumping this powerful toxin through their systems, saturating their brains with it, consuming and coloring their every thought and desire.

And yet I love it. I love the feel the sexual desire. I love the intensity it gives to life. I love the whole spectrum, from the hot sensation of sexual arousal to the wonderful mystery of mutual longing and desire you have with another. Lust is an elixir. I may not act on it, but I still love it. Yes, it can dangerous, it must be tempered, but it is life, the basis of life, the continuation of life, the desire for men to mate with women. I don’t think a healthy, natural kind of lust is such a bad thing. But there must be more than simply lust. Ultimately, there must be love too. And then, tempered by love, lust can be transformed into something almost divine. After all, the orgasm is the most ecstatic sensation we can have. And when you are inside a woman and you feel that and there is love, well, nothing can compare. Love is more important. And every woman wants to be both lusted after and loved.