Recently I have become tired of the whole “game” thing, the whole “alpha” vs. “beta” dichotomy that is out there. Blogs can be fun, but too often there is a dark side to all this. It is hard to explain. Do others feel the same way? Recently I have been reading a particular blogger who shows great emotion and desire for meaning and love, yet who wants to “cum all over girl’s faces and make them swallow my cum.” It seems to be said in such a hostile, aggressive way, a way of vengeance for all the women who have let him down, hurt him, or disappointed him at some point in his life. Are others tired of the whole PUA thing? I suppose the younger crowd will always be enchanted by such things, after all, young men pursue young women by nature. Young women love the attention. Both are working out primeval mating strategies and rituals. I am bit older though, so those things are not a concern to me as much any more.

Now I am very sexual, enjoy writing about sex, but I try to understand the consequences of sex too. Eroticism is a part of life. Yet that does not mean we should act out on all our desires. So many of the PUA blogs seem to nihilistic and barren and plain old ugly, it is a world too harsh and hopeless for me. There is more to life than simply sexual conquest. As much as I fantasize about these things and find so many women attractive, still, love is far more important.

Love is, at least for me, an antidote for game. I would rather risk love, and fail, than be successful at innumerable, meaningless conquest. I know in the end the conquests would cheapen my existence and the existence of others. Love is risk, and love is life. I would rather experience love with a woman and not sleep with her, than sleep with a woman I neither cared about, and who did not care about me. I have had plenty of the second, now I want more of the first.

I get tired of the bleakness of our world; so it is time for some changes. Better to give of yourself, than to take selfishly. It may sound trite, but recently I have been discovering the truth of those things. I will say more on this in future posts.