I want to take this blog in a different direction. Writing about sex gets old after a while; I have become more interested in eroticism in general as it relates to spiritual matters. Or, to put it more succinctly, I believe in God, and wonder sometimes if much of the content I am writing is a good or bad thing. By that I mean my more explicit, sexual posts. What I don’t have any qualms about is how eroticism, sexual desires, all fit in with spiritual or even religious beliefs and whatever I may write on that. These are old questions for me and I am still seeking the answers for them. I enjoy an open and honest discussion about sexuality and how it relates to our society; I enjoy writing erotica. I wonder if it best to keep that private or not. I don’t have any answers, these are just questions. The nihilism of the PUA crowd is something I reject completely; the division into all society into alpha and beta dichotomies is also something I reject. “Game” is useful for understanding how or why people act; subjecting others to “game” is something else all together.  Reducing other people to mere objects of conquest without considering their minds or hearts, or as I believe, their souls, is not something I can condone or want to participate in.  I love women; the hatred of women among the PUA crowd is often troubling. Their hatred of society is also troubling. If you are so disturbed by what is going on today, why don’t you do something to change things, rather than simply bitch about it.  I might change my moniker, but I am not sure.  I am going to change the header, to what I am not sure.

So, just some thoughts. It is difficult for me not to launch into erotic writing every now and then; but I am looking for something a little different. I have often thought of shutting this blog down, but I enjoy the small readership I have, and would like to continue.

I would like my writings to be a source of positive reflection, or a positive element in our world, however minuscule they may be.  But I will say more on these things later.