I am subjected to his disgusting song almost on a daily basis at the gym. At first I had no idea what this song was, who was singing it, etc., so I did a search and found it. I discovered the video is almost as bad as the song itself. Listen to the lyrics: he is mourning the loss of his girlfriend to another guy, and he wonders if he coddles her as much as he did. The lyrics are truly pathetic: He mourns the loss of “sharing pillows and cold feet”, “if only I could be that guy again”, “if only it were me instead of him”, and, perhaps worst of all, “ does he watch your favorite movies, does he hold you when you cry, does he sing to all your music while you dance to Purple Rain, does he do all these things like I used to”. I can’t continue with the words because I am about to vomit at the moment.

And then look at the mangina singing this. He looks like typical beta pussy material. If he is not already, he needs to be neutered. The human race does not need his pathetic genes further polluting our already testosterone depleted male gender in the Western world. Of course, what he does not realize is that she left him because he is such a pussy and he coddled her too much. He probably cried after he fucked her, if he fucked her at all. And as far as doing everything she desired, as if he were some sort of girlfriend with penis, the surest way to earn a woman’s contempt is to give in to her every whim.

What I would like to tell him is that the new guy fucks her so well that the pussy old boyfriend has been completely erased from her memory. Then I would like to see him cry after he heard that. Trust me, chicks are like that. I can’t tell you how many girls I have known who laughed at how pathetic they found their former boyfriends, especially after experiencing a real fuck such as only Racer X can give them, usually while cheating on their bfs.

My idea of a good song about how to handle a breakup is Hendrix’s “Hey Joe.” Nuff said.