Maybe there is still hope for Germany. When I saw these photos, I thought I was looking at something circa 1939. But no, these are contemporary photos of the modern German Wehrmacht (or as it is now called, the Bundeswehr). I thought the nation had been completely castrated after WWII, but there still seems to be some life left in its military.  I am not advocating a return to German militarism, especially given the tremendous damage caused by the War (besides, Germany is surrounded by nations with nuclear weapons, i.e., France, Britain and of course Russia, so there will be no more invasions of other countries by Germany, ever again), but too much of modern Germany seems completely neutered from war guilt, and modern feminism has taken full advantage of that. So it is good to see that there are still some remnants of traditional masculinity left in German society.

This seriously looks like something from 1939.

I am always amazed that the U.S. still stations so many troops in Germany today, 65 years after the end of the WWII.  I suppose the notion of a powerful Germany still causes a lot of anxiety in different parts of the world. I understand having U.S troops in Germany is part of an overall NATO thing, but, as far as  Germany goes, the Germans are seriously no longer a threat to anyone.  Or are they? I wonder after seeing this photo.

Modern day equivalent of Storm Troopers? I think they may be military police.

I often wonder how Germans today feel about their military past. This was a country that conquered all of Europe fairly quickly, and if they had not invaded Russia, would probably still be in complete control today.  I bet behind closed doors, especially with the large amounts of Muslim immigration in their country, a lot of Germans look with a bit more favor on their past then they would like to let on.  Do they ever feel a certain pride in having been so powerful at one time? Still, it is completely taboo to even mention these things in Germany today, so I doubt too many people talk about it.  But by making their Nazi past so taboo, they only serve to increase a certain fascination with it. Nazi Germany was bad, but so was communist Russia, and modern day North Korea and even China.

Leni Riefenstahl would have liked this image. Notice the American flag on the left.

Clearly, Germany’s Nazi past is something to be rejected. It pretty much destroyed their country, and wreaked havoc on many others.  As a lover of individual liberty, I will always reject all forms of tyranny, dictatorships, totalitarianism.  But I find these photos interesting, since they seem to incorporate certain images and symbols from a past the most Germans completely reject. Or do they?

But there is one thing about the Nazi past that I do not reject. The Germans had the best looking uniforms. No doubt about that.  Most people don’t understand that the uniforms predate Nazism, so they always equate the two, which is not accurate.  The Germans just had a good sense of style when it came to these things.

And, as far as Germans in general, another thing I don’t reject, are hot German women. Like all men, I love women with blond hair and blue eyes. Unlike most modern day men,  I am not afraid to admit it. I once saw a show where Howard Stern, a Jew, while interviewing a hot, blonde babe, joked how he wished Hilter had won the war. “Imagine a world filled with nothing but blonde hair, blue eyed woman?”  In the background they played some soundtrack of Hitler orating. I found it pretty amusing.  The irony is that he would probably have gotten arrested in Germany today if he said such a thing in public. This is why I love America.

P.S. Of course, in the interests of diversity, let me just utter this disclaimer:  I love women of all racial types. Black, Asian, Jewish, Arab, Native American, or whatever racial mixture the modern world gives us, so long as they are hot, I love to fuck them.