I love the summer. Summers are the best for lusty fucking. There is nothing quite like the summer lover affair, afternoons spent in delicious fucking, hot and sweaty, evenings passed in forbidden delights. There is something about heat that heightens lust, desire and eroticism; perhaps it is the lack of clothing, the plethora of exposed skin, women wandering aimlessly in their little skirts, shorts or sun dresses, the outline of their panties clearly visible through the thin fabric.

One of my best memories is of a girl I used to fuck years ago, how we spent afternoon upon afternoon fucking, fucking and fucking even more. The shear, hot sweaty eroticism of our love making seemed to born out of the thick tropical air of the place I was living at the time. It seems to me there is a correlation between the tropics, or a tropical climate and eroticism. The frigid Northeast, which where I was raised, completely lacks this. During the summers or in a tropical climate I seem to be perpetually aroused, even more so than I normally am. I love finding women who also are the same.

I love summers and the sensuality they create.