I don’t much about Mandy (otherwise known as BrightStormyDay), except that she seems to be a quality girl, kind, intelligent and thoughtful. As I recall from some earlier posts of hers on Roissy, she may have a spiritual or even religious side to her. I appreciate that in someone, as I myself am a spiritual person on different levels. As I have written before, some of the best sex is often very spiritual sex. But what intrigues me the most about Mandy is her apparent modesty. She seems to be girl of some old fashioned standards. Yet standards mixed in with a deep sensuality, even sexuality. She visits this blog so that tells me a part of her like to explore the more forbidden parts of life. Like me, she must enjoy carnal enticements.

But I have been wanting to write something about her for some time now. She does not posts photos of herself, so I have no real idea what she looks like, except for a few grainy shots here and there. Regardless, she seems attractive, and her personality comes across online as sweet and down to earth. I like those things in a girl.

But what I like is how she hints at her sexual desires. One recent post she mentioned her bf seeing her black, lacy panties on her bed. Now, that is quite an image, Mandy dressed in nothing but lacy, black panties. I can only imagine. But what I can imagine more is how I would love to slip them off of her, slowly, sensually, kissing every inch of her as I do. I am sure she enjoys being kissed. As a modest type she might be a bit shy at first, but when she felt the warmth of my kisses, the caressing sensuality of my tongue, the firm yet gentle strokes of my hands, I believe that modesty of hers would begin to slowly melt away. As I knelt before her I would help slip those black panties off her feet and perhaps I would kiss and massage each foot as I did so. I think she might like that. Then, I would kiss up her calves and thighs until I reached her sweet vagina and, while cupping her lovely ass with my hands, I would kiss her there for as long and as much as she desired. And as she reads this blog, she must know how I love to explore a woman’s body completely, and if she desired, every inch of her, front and back, would be caressed and pleasured by my eager hands and mouth. My hands and mouth would love to do more to her nice ass than simply cup it.

Of course if she were to act up a bit, play hard to get, or give me a bit of resistence, I would be forced to bend her over, and firmly and authoritatively slap that ass of hers until she submitted. I would have to remind her what a bad girl she has been and how she needs to be corrected. She seems like a girl who beneath that modest demeanor likes and needs a good, hard, vigorous spanking every now and then. I might do it first with my hands, firmly striking each cheek with the palm of my hand until they turned slightly red, but if she remained obstinate and obnoxious, I might have to use even more severe methods, such as a hair brush or even a paddle. Whatever the case, after the spanking had been administered, as her reward I would be sure to kiss and caress her lovely ass in every imaginable way and place, telling her what a good, hot and sexy girl she had become. Then her ultimate reward would simply be this: a good fuck.

Yes, despite my desires to pleasure her in many different and even, to her, forbidden ways, I wonder most of all what it would be like to fuck Mandy. Would she be quiet? A screamer? Would she be modest at first, and then, as my large, thick cock filled and pumped and pounded her for a good, long, heated time, would she turn into a slutty little nympho screaming and begging to be fucked all night long and in every conceivable way? If so, and I think she would, I would most certainly be more than happy to fulfill her every wish and her deepest, most primitive desires. In the end I would want her to shed every inch of modesty and feel the power and pleasures of the intense fuck, a fuck she would remember for the rest of her life, a fuck that would someday bring a shy smile to her face while she is sitting in one her classes, bored, gazing out the window and daydreaming about her past sexual experiences. Perhaps, as she gazed out that window at all those undergrad students going about their daily business all neat and proper in a seemingly pure, care free yet artificial college world,  she would remember me behind her, fucking her, loving her moans and screams, pulling her brown hair back while I slapped her ass or kissed the back of her neck or grabbed her hips, thrusting deeply and powerfully into her wet tightness over and over and over again…Yes, to give that gift to a quality girl like Mandy would be a great honor to me. Mandy is a quality girl and a quality girl deserves, at the very least, a quality fuck every now and then. I am sure she would agree. A girl who likes to wear lacy black panties usually does.