I love to be dominant.

A girl recently told me that she wanted to submit to my every need. I love how so many women want to be submissive. Yet so many of them complain to me that so few guys have what it takes to be dominant. Women love submission. I love being dominant. When the two come together women melt. With such a dearth of masculine men today who are not living in fear of women, men such as myself have a veritable erotic goldmine of pussy out there. Women crave strong, dominant men. This is one of the strange benefits of feminism: by turning so many men into complete pussies, it has given men like me so many more opportunities for sexual excitement and conquests. I love it. Thanks to the enlightened sisterhood.

And as I wrote in an earlier post, spanking is a good way to display one’s dominance. Women love that too. I have never met one who did not love being spanked.