As in the post below, sometimes I enjoy the pure animalism of sex.

Yet there is also the spiritual side of sex and eroticism. Lately I have been thinking of these things more and more. I have nothing to say on that right now, except that I have been feeling drawn towards the deeper, more mysterious aspects of eroticism. There is fucking, and then there is making love. The latter is always better. And then there is restraint, and through not having sex, you increase your awareness of sexual desire, of eroticism, of all the little ways we live in a world imbued with sexuality and spirituality. As I have said, some of my deepest relationships were with women that I did not sleep with immediately, or even for a long time. Who of us has not been caught up in the desire for another person and the hope and anticipation of finally being with that person? And if it is a true connection, the joys of that unity can be truly powerful and long lasting, even frightening. Love is powerful precisely because it can cause such deep pain if lost. But it is worth the risk. And love is born from the spiritual side of sex that is often lacking in our relationships with others.