I am indebted to the lovely Anoukange’s post http://anoukange.wordpress.com/2009/12/26/its-true-what-they-say-about-circles/ for sparking this idea in me, but let me say few words here about how sex begins in the mind. What is the “mind fuck”? From my experiences, it is when you are mentally connected to someone, when you can feel the attraction between you and another person, when every encounter and moment together has some hint of eroticism, but for one reason or another you are not physically intimate. You may be in the future, and that is part of the intensity of such situations, but for the moment you are not. Yet, with each passing glance, with each furtive, lingering gaze, you are fucking each other mentally. This is always the precursor to great sex, but as I said, sometimes it never goes beyond the mental. Someone may be married, or involved with someone else, or there may be other complications, but beneath it all is that desire, that drive that if only circumstances were different, if only we were alone for one evening, then the mental fuck would metamorphose into a heated physical fuck. The game of seduction could be considered a slow form of mental fuck as well. One thing is true: if you can get into the mind of a woman, most likely you can get into her pants as well, that a wet pussy most often first begins with a stimulated mind. Most of my love affairs were deeply mental as well as physical and emotional. I like taking things to an extreme, experiencing all the world of eroticism has to offer, leaving nothing untouched or unfelt. For me, eroticism has to be experienced in its totality for the complete, delightful pleasures to fully appreciated. And it all begins, in one way or another, in the mind. I love the mind fuck, not only as a pleasure in and of itself, but as a foreplay to the real pleasures of physical and sexual passions.

But I think Anoukange summed it up best: “Ah…the psychological shag.  Makes for hot, heavy, earthy sex where you catch glimpses of each others eyes and every glance and sound is loaded.  The silence is loaded, the inches between you are loaded.  The ranges of submission are tested in stairwells and the daylight coffees bring you both to the ‘what ifs’ that mind fuck you into having to change panties.”

Yes, it is the wondering, the what if, the tapping into the imagination and fantasy world that is so much a part of true eroticism. Eroticism is more than simply sex: it is about what entices us, allures us, leads us on, makes us attracted to someone else and wonder what it would be like to be with them in different ways, to satisfy that mental and sensual desires that lives deep within us.

Yes, I know many a woman who confessed to me that they had to change their panties after an intense, but purely mental, encounter with me. Few things are more erotic, exept perhaps finding out just how wet her panties had become after a long, but lingering mental fuck.