So, I have promised her a post for a while and she has been most patient in waiting for one. So let me begin. What can I say about the lovely Aoefe? She is proof that a woman can still look quite delicious when she is a bit older and not in the prime age range of early twenties that gives most women their beauty and hence, sexual power. Please, women, do not get too worried about growing older! You can still be lovely, and have assets that the silly girls in their early twenties do not yet have. No, she is a little older, wiser and more experienced and that can be attractive in and of itself. One thing older women have that younger women do not is a lot more maturity. From my experiences  women in their thirties have less head games, fewer insecurities, and are more comfortable in their sexuality. When it comes to things and life in general they know a bit more about what they want and are not caught up in the vacuous silliness of younger women in their early twenties. So many younger woman, despite their pristine beauty, are completely self absorbed narcissists who are used to getting everything they want from every man who approaches them. That is not appealing to me, so I lay down pretty firm rules of conduct whenever I am dealing with such creature of a certain age group. Of course it is hard to write about someone whom you only know through their blog posts, but she also does seem to be a kind and intelligent woman. Those are important things to me too. I like  intelligent, thoughtful women. And Aoefe seems to be filled with those things.

But whom am I kidding? I am not writing this post because I think Aoefe is a sweet girl. No, I am writing this post because I think she is hot, and I would love to fuck her.

Why do I want to fuck Aoefe in particular? Well, as I have written before, unlike a lot of men in the whole Roissy sphere, I actually love and enjoy women. Yes, I admit it, I enjoy the company of the fairer sex. It is quite delightful when you can both to talk to, have a stimulating intellectual discussion about something, and then furiously fuck, a woman. If a woman is a bimbo I want her out of my bed fairly soon after I have fucked her; if she has substance I want her to stay around. It is that simple. And from what I can tell Aoefe is a woman of substance. But not only is she a woman of substance, but she is quite hot as well.

The fact that she enjoys being an exhibitionist turns me on. Beneath all those photos of herself, dressed in various things, from pretty panties to hot bras, is a very sexual woman. One of her posts she hinted at what sexual position she particularly enjoys and said it was named after a common household pet. And yes, I love that position too. And I would love to explore that with the lovely Aoefe. I know that sex with her would be hot, intense, sensual.

But what would I love to do with her? I have a feeling she enjoys being kissed. And yes, I would love to kiss her slowly, passionately, all over. Sometimes I enjoy just ripping of a girl’s clothes, but I think with Aoefe, at least some of the time, I would enjoy slow, sensual love making. Seeing her in those hot little panties, her cute bra, her purple sweater, makes me want to explore her, fully and carefully, slowly and delicately, at least at first, removing each item gingerly, perhaps then a bit more forcefully, until she is completely nude. I can only imagine how hot she would look lying on my bed, fully naked, her soft body beckoning me to explore. From her photos I can tell she has lovely breasts, and nice figure, and an overall sexy body. And explore I would. She would receive the full treatment of soft and sensual kissing, of lips and tongue and hands, touching and caressing and pleasing every inch of her. And those lips of hers! She had some of the most luscious, enticing, delicious looking lips I have ever seen. How I would love to spend hours just kissing them and feeling their full, heated warmth against mine. Aoefe seems like a woman who would enjoy kissing for hours on end too…

And of course I would give her special treatment and let her enjoy, as much as she wanted for as long as she wanted my head between her legs while I pleasure her and taste her sweet juices and fill my mouth with her feminine essence and lick her sweet vagina all night long…

As far as the actual fucking, well with Aoefe I think I might let this remain more of a mystery. But I will say that there would be lots of it. All night long. Hot and intense and physical and passionate. I can imagine how both our animal natures would be ignited and we would melt into one furious creature of sex and sensuality as we fucked. And what I think about a lot is being behind her, pumping her, seeing her lovely back sloped downwards and blond hair disheveled on the pillow and the curve of her hips and waist as her cute ass is high up in the air and I am grabbing her hips and even slapping her ass while pumping her…I am sure her moans of pleasure would be more intoxicating and hypnotic than the finest music. And if she were to be a bad girl, if she were to act up on occasion and be a bitch, I would discipline her with a firm, forceful spanking. And once she had calmed down and was good I would reward her with a thorough fuck, preceded, even followed, of course by lots of delicate and sensual oral pleasures.

We would do this all night long, over and over and over again, fucking and resting and talking and fucking and resting and talking, until the sun came up, and we spent the rest of the morning and next day and even night fucking and resting and talking some more. Only a woman of substance such as Aoefe  could enjoy such an experience like that with me.