Paul Avril (1843-1928) was a French artist who illustrated erotic literature. I mentioned him a few posts below, but his art intrigues me so I am going to post a few more of pieces every now and then. Classic Erotic Art is a series I am going to add to this blog. In this world of quick and often cheap internet porn, good erotic art and photography, as well as film, has a unique appeal for me. Erotic art has been around as long as people have been painting and drawing, which means pretty much as long as man has been around. The Taliban-like forces of purity that often rear their censorious heads throughout history should remember that the next time they are crusading for moral righteousness. It is clear that many, if not most, people enjoy watching other people have sex, or enjoy seeing the human body nude, in one form or another. No amount of state controlled censorship and power will ever eliminate this phenomena. I think what binds most erotic art together is a sense of beauty, beauty of the figures presented, beauty of the scenes portrayed. Avril demonstrates this. To me, good porn, good erotica, must possess some quality of beauty, alluring and evocative beauty.

I find this image both graphic, enticing, but also pleasant to look at for purely aesthetical reasons. Plus I like it when a girl does this to me. Blowjobs rock.

I love experiencing this too..