I love women.

So many blogs out there today, especially those associated with the so-called “MRA” movement, seem to have a uptight, prissy attitude about women. Now I can understand when it comes to divorce laws, female machinations, and the general fickleness of most women, why a lot of men would feel frustrated or sometimes angry over getting the short end of the societal stick. Certainly feminism has done its damage in today’s world and I despise feminism with a white hot intensity. Feminists are worthless hags are as far as I am concerned and the sooner they disappear the better. Furthermore, the all too often false charges of rape, deceitful and lying behavior, and a legal system which imposes draconian measures on many men,  as well as other societal issues, are things that need to be discussed and discussed often. So I see all that as a good and necessary thing.

But the male bitchiness I often perceive out there is really pathetic. As I said, there are good and important things being discussed in many places, but too often, when it comes to women in general, what I sense are a bunch of office drones fantasizing about being manly men who have little experience with women and are venting their frustrations out online. The cubicled office nerd/geek who lacks the balls to attract women is now the internet warrior fighting to restore Western Civilization. Yeah, right. Some of the comments on some of these blogs border on the absurd. I wish I had the citation right now, but I read one the other day where one heroic blogger referred to another stalwart internet warrior as “the voice of his generation”. Be serious. You are only writing on a freaking blog.

Sorry to say, but I love women. Women fascinate me. I love everything about them. I love their hidden sexuality, their feminine charms, their lovely bodies and subtle eroticism. I also love a woman who has a mind and who can keep up with me intellectually. Beauty and brains is a powerful combination for me, e.g., the lovely Clio.

Again, I need some citations here, but sometimes these bloggers begin to border on a Taliban like puritanism about female sexuality which is more than amusing. Sorry guys, but I hate to break the news to you, women like sex. That’s right. Women like to fuck. And most like a little variety too. Your girlfriends most likely have fucked some guys before they met you, they most likely have sucked a few cocks and done a few other things. Nor is this the product of a degenerative, modern society. It has been going on throughout history, to one degree for another, in all societies. People like to fuck each other. They always have and always will. Eroticism is a part of life. And if you are not good in bed with them, they are going to stray, and guys like me will be there to seize the opportunity and fuck them in a way that you don’t seem to be able to. Really, it is probably best you stay in your office cubicles, write blog posts on manly blogs with military symbols, and feel emasculated by your female boss. Let the men like me sexually satisfy the women out there, including your wives and girlfriends. Your role is to provide them with a money and a place to live and take care of the children I engendered with them.

All this a result of the pedestaling of women by men. Men idealize women, then are shocked when they find out women have sexual desires and act on them. A wet pussy is something most men don’t know what to do with. I sense most of these whiny guys are the ones who lack the strength, the virility, to hold on to a woman, and they know deep down that their girlfriends or wives would stray to a stronger, better man if given the chance. Furthermore, for the neo-puritans out there, chics despise guys who are morally uptight.

Yes, I love women. I love fucking them, eating their pussies, giving them endless pleasure, dominating them in bed with my cock. I love feminine beauty. I love making them feel like women, so at least they have something to smile about when they go back to their pathetic boyfriends and husbands and the internet warriors fighting the cause for the restoration of the Golden Age.