Life has been busy and complicated for me for a while now, so I have not had much time for bloggging.  I need to catch up on this fine art, however. Things needs to be written, especially for Kassy K., Aoefe, and Chic Noir. I don’t want to neglect my girls for too long.

This has been a hard winter, as I live along the East Coast. Too much snow sucks. So I am looking forward to Spring, especially when all the pretty women will be walking around without heavy coats and clothes. I need a certain amount of feminine beauty on a daily basis to keep me going.

But I will be writing some more posts on passion and eroticism soon. And I will writing something about my blogger girls even sooner. But for now, let me post some more classic erotic art. I would like to start a whole series on this. I find it fascinating that eroticism in art has been present since man could first create art; porn can be hot, but most of it is not. Erotic painting captures a certain essence of sexuality that porn cannot. Perhaps because it is product of the imagination, and not of two people acting for money. Therefore it may tend to be truer to the actual nature of erotic dreams and desires than film could ever be. There is liberation in the imagination

Paul Avril: Erotic fantasies are a part of daily life.