A nice little scenario

Yesterday I had a sex dream about a girl I used to know. We never fucked but she was someone I was hot for and she knew it. Circumstances or perhaps just plain old bad luck prevented us from consummating our lovely thing. We are now long parted and everything between will always remain nothing more than an emotional or mental experience, nothing physical.

It is amazing how after a few years you can still have dreams about people who were once involved in your life but are no longer. Strange. There is certain delight though to a sex dream, especially when it involves someone you never had sex with, but wanted to. In the dream it feels like you did have sex with the person. You feel, see, touch, and taste in a dream the way you cannot through mere fantasy. There is often an emotional component to the dream. Even though there is a bit of sadness when you wake and realize it was all dream, nevertheless you are left with some sort strange, erotic residue. Also, the fact that such dreams can spring from nowhere and be completely unexpected is a bit mysterious. Dreaming about past lovers or people you wanted to be lovers with yet who left your life a while ago is a testimony to the complexity of the subconscious.

The variety of erotic experiences in life never ceases to amaze me…and life is so charged with eroticism.  I love it.

Classic Erotic Art: I want to post some pieces of great erotic art by some old masters. In this age of internet porn with all its staid and formulaic images of sex, finding some good old fashioned erotic art/porn is refreshing. It is amazing how good some of this stuff was back then.  The imagination is still the best source of eroticism and art and literature are the best vehicles for the imagination.

The above is an image by Paul Avril, a French artist who lived from 1843-1928. I am not quite sure how to describe his works, but in this painting I like the combination of earthy eroticism and neo classical forms.