This is the first stanza of a poem by Ben Jonson (1572-1637) which seems to sum up all game pretty well.  Even back then the power of “the neg” was well understood. This illustrates well how the concepts of “game” are nothing new.

Follow a shadow, it still flies you;

Seem to fly it, it will pursue;

So court a mistress, she denies you;

Let her alone, she will court you.

This poem shows how men have understood and employed strategies for winning over the opposite sex for a very, very long time.  Go back even further, to Chaucer, or to the Roman poet Ovid, and you will find them writing about the same things that are written on many blogs today. Hell, Ovid even wrote an entire poem on the art of picking up women, the Ars Amatoria, or The Art of Love. Written in three books, the first two books dealt with pick up techniques for men, the last book on pick up techniques for women.  Ovid was an open minded guy for his time and believed in pleasing the ladies too. His poetry probably got him exiled by the Emperor Augustus, but what the hell, some things you have to sacrifice in the pursuit of pussy.

One of the things that irritates me about so many blogs is all the whining by men about how hard life is for them these days and how wonderful things were in this mythical, golden past when men were men and women were women. Sure, there are legitimate issues out there, but too many blogs sound more like a bunch of old ladies complaining than anything else, and as a result I don’t even bother reading them anymore. Despite all the blogosphere children engendered by Roissy, he still stands out as the best, because Roissy writes with wit and power. He does not whine, rather, he eviscerates.

Every age in history has always thought the preceding ones were better. The reality is there is nothing new under the sun. In Ben Jonson’s time the dandy, Elizabethan and Jacobian courtier would have made today’s effeminate metrosexual look like a paragon of manliness.