So Racer X has been thinking a lot about sex recently but not in the way that I usually write about on this blog. Blogging is a strange world where we can indulge our darkest fantasies and talk about things openly that we normally would not talk about unless with someone we could trust fairly well. Those types of people are rare in life. I like open discussions about things, and this was about an open a discussion as I could achieve on these things.

I might write some deeper posts on sex, rather than just sex talk. Even erotic writing gets redundant after a while. However, unlike other blogs where the beauties of bedding innumerable women are extolled, I do like to look at the other side of the picture. Reality is important too. In my experiences, the unhappiest women I have ever met were also the most promiscuous. I am not making this a judgement on them, rather just an observation about human nature. Men who bed a lot of women tend to be callous too. I was always more the Casanova type, being more into romantic love and passion rather than just pure sex. Many of the women I have slept with I loved too, and suffered much at their loss. This is something that has not changed in my life. Sex is a great thing in the right context, but outside that context it can turn into a dangerous thing. Love is very important too. So far this has been more of a blog to indulge people’s fantasies on a purely verbal level, although I have put in a few racy pictures here and there. So I might be changing it slightly in the future, or I might be changing it a lot. I am not sure yet.

But let me speak of reality for a second: According to the best stats, roughly one in four people have STD’s now. I really do not want to get one. If I sleep with countless women, I will get one. Condoms do not protect you against everything and are imperfect. For instance, herpes can be transmitted even with a condom. And most herpes is transmitted orally, when the infected person is not even aware they have an outbreak. Scientists have discovered the virus can travel through the skin even when there are no symptoms. That is kind of scary.  I love giving oral sex, yet, that is a concern.

Another fact: 60% of women who have gonorrhea do not even know they have it. There are no symptoms, or the symptoms are mistaken. This is true for other STDs as well, but the gonorrhea one was striking because a few years ago the CDC classified gonorrhea as a “super bug” that has become increasingly resistant to antibiotics. Left untreated gonorrhea can do serious damage. I mean, syphilis will kill you, for crying out loud, if left untreated. I also read that some people never even realize they have syphilis until ten or twenty years later when it has become a serious condition. And that is just the tip of the iceberg.

So all I am saying here is despite all my raunchy talk about past exploits and present fantasies, sex is something that you should be careful with in reality. So those of you like me who have high sex drives, think about sex a lot, even want to have sex a lot, be careful. There is nothing wrong with abstaining. So many of the PUA blogs talk about nothing but bedding lots of women, without mentioning the real consequences of STDs, pregnancy, and the psychological effects of such behavior. So I think I might offer something a little bit different. Think of it as something like fantasy within the context of reality. I draw a firm line between the two.

I think I will slipping back into a celibacy phase for a while now. So I might be writing some different kinds of posts. I do enjoy writing about sex, but I also do not want to promote anything in pubic that is harmful. To my blogger girls, I will still write you some stuff, but it might not be as explicit as I have written before.

I can do the gentle romantic thing too, btw. Many of you seem like the types who would like a sweet post about tender love making, so if you are, I can do that too, and just have the scene eventually fade out into black…or I can be explicit, or some have sort of happy medium between the two. For my female readers, which do you prefer? Remember, it is all about your pleasure.