As Tupac suggested on Roissy, I should write a post about how I would love carnally service Miss Clio. Well let this be the first of many posts on the different blogger girls I would love to service. Since each of my blogger girls has a different personality, different demands, different wants and needs, I must address each on individually. So in addition to her, I have a thing for DB, Chic Noir, and Kassy K and plan on writing about each one.  But since Miss Clio seems to be a bit of a frigid one, it might be best to start out with her.  In addition,  I think she was the first blogger on Roissy that I began making sexual advances at. If I am correct at all, I actually may have been reading her blog first and that is what led me to Roissy. I really do not remember. Whatever the case, since I have been openly lusting after her for a while, I will say a few things on what I would like to do to her before I talk about anyone else. I won’t go into much detail, but some things need to be said.

First of all, I think Miss Clio needs to be serviced orally. Now, this is one of the best ways to warm up, even heat up, a girl who is a bit restrained in the sex department. My sense is Miss Clio is a bit restrained, reserved, modest. Now there is nothing wrong with this. Modesty is a huge turn on actually. It is the idea of a girl being modest on the outside, but then, when she is with you or, better yet, because of you, she turns into a freakish little slut in bed. Yummy. I bet Clio is like this, or at least has that potential. After all, she reads Roissy, right? That means that part of her is secretly intrigued by all the blatant sex talk that goes on there.

Clio once posted a small photo of herself on her blog. It was hard to get a good image of her, but from what I can tell, she is quite attractive: slender, blonde, with sensuous lips, a cute face.  If you add her intelligence, she is quite desirable, and I bet she is quite horny under all that intellectual reserve. After all, most brainy girls I have met are often little nymphomaniacs in bed. They tend not to show that in public, but I bet Clio is like that. She probably thinks and fantasizes about sex quite a bit while at the same time feeling just a bit ashamed she does. She probably blushes quite easily. Many girls have told me that when they were in undergrad or grad school, they would often get horny just by sitting alone trying to read some obscure academic text about some incredibly boring subject. Then their hands would wander down to their tingling ginas, and before long they would be pleasuring themselves while fantasizing about fucking one their profs or one their own students. I bet Clio is like that. Under the right sexual circumstances she probably would scream with orgasmic intensity. She probably gets really wet rather quickly. I would really love to find out.

But back to Clio’s secretive pussy. I would love to eat it. Most women have not experienced good oral sex. Not until they have met Racer X. I am not embellishing this, this is what I have been told by all the women I have slept with. And I do mean “all”. I am simply the best when it comes to giving oral sex. Why is that? I suppose it is a combination of natural talent, sensitivity, masculine strength, unlimited desire to please, a fascination with a woman’s vagina. I just love doing it, that’s all. And I would love to do it to Clio (as well as all the other girls I mentioned, but each one will get her own post). As far as Clio’s lovely pussy is concerned, I would bet she has a nice blonde, unshaven bush, and how I love a nice blonde, unshaven bush. I could spend hours down there pleasuring her. Yum. She might be a little self conscious at first, but eventually she would warm up, then heat up and things would only intensify from there.  I can just imagine how she must look from my perspective while my head is between her thighs, her blonde vagina in my face, her head titled to one side, eyes closed,  as she gets lost in the ecstasy of my tongue lavishing endless attention on her taut little clit. It is one of my favorite views.

Once Clio was warmed up, I imagine she would be open to all sorts of things that she never even dreamed of or thought she would enjoy. First, she would be experiencing the fuck of her life. I wonder if she even knows what it is like to get fucked for hours on end, all night long, so hard and fast at times that she will be sore the next day? Again, I imagine some reserve and modesty, but at some point she would be moaning in pleasure while I was fucking her from behind and massaging her cute butthole at the same time. She would be saying, if not openly, then to herself, “I can’t believe he is doing these things to me, and I can’t believe how much I really like it.”  She would experience all different positions, especially the one, mentioned often by Roissy himself, of her ankles up over my shoulders while I pile drive her with my big, hard cock over and over and over again. I have never met a girl who did not scream in pleasure during such acts of copulation. Eventually I would violate her anally, and I wonder if Clio has ever experienced such pleasures. If not, she needs to get in touch with me. I promise I will introduce her to pleasures she has never felt, and teach her about different parts of her body she did not even know existed.

It would be transformative experience for her. Perhaps it would only be for one night, for I doubt a dignified woman such as Miss Clio would want to be seen in public with as rake such as myself. But I would remain forever a part of her darker fantasies, the fantasies she is a bit afraid to admit she has, but has nevertheless. The temptation to enjoy such pleasures again would always be with her. She would have to fight it, of course, being such a part of polite society as she is. Having been a member of such polite societies myself for many years, and having spent much time in the academic world, engaging in deep intellectual pursuits, I know how such women think and act in public, and think and act in private. There are fewer greater delights than turning the publicly serious and dignified intellectual woman into the privately cock craving nympho, even if it is only for one night. After all, if you can stimulate a woman’s mind as well as her pussy, well, the battle is over at that point.  So after a night with Racer X, there would always lurking beneath her public persona that little slut craving a completely wild and uninhibited fuck. Whatever the case, I would almost receive as much pleasure from carnally servicing the restrained Miss Clio as she would from being serviced by me.