Will there be sexual delights this Fourth of July? I hope so. Over this weekend I am meeting a girl I know a little bit. It is one of those situations that could go either way: either we end up with a night of hot sex, or I go home to plan for the next hunt. The abundance of pussy lately has been great so I am in no rush. Whatever happens I plan on having a good time.

I love women. I can’t help it. When I see a hot girl walking down the street, or when I am talking to a girl I know, or when I am slowly undressing a girl I am destined to fuck, I love it all. The other day I saw a girl who was wearing a short skirt and tight shirt. She had the most lovely legs and ass and breasts. I love it when girls show us their delicious bodies. Thank you so much! I can’t imagine what the world would be like without beautiful women. I really do not know how some societies can stand having all their beautiful women covered up.

The other night I was with a friend of mine. She is one of those girls who just loves to fuck. Nice and reserved on the outside; a dirty little slut hidden on the inside. Our thing is purely sexual and we both want nothing more. Not that there isn’t a certain type of love between us, there is. But it is a love based on honesty and the fact that neither of us want anything more than to spend occasional time together and have great sex. She particularly loves to be fucked from behind. As those of you who read my blog know, I love fucking a woman from behind, and I consider a woman’s ass to be one of the great delicacies a man can experience. I am definitely more of an ass than a breast man. A nice pair of legs leading up to a shapely butt is intensely erotic for me to behold. And nice pair of simple yet sexy panties, covering her behind fully is a work of art. I really do not like thongs on a girl: I prefer the good girl next door look of cute bikini panties or something like that. I have found that is what most girls usually like to wear anyways. So a cute pair of panties does more to enhance a girl’s butt than a thong, or at least that is how I see things.

I love erotic, sexual, sensual women. I hope to enjoy the company of one this weekend.