When, in the course of human events, after viewing several of the photos on “Guess Her Muff” as well as spending a good deal of my life people watching in public places, I have come to the conclusion that most people are simply ugly.

Seriously. So Racer X is going celibate.

It was very summer like this past weekend where I live and for the first time in a long time the clothes are starting to come off most people. What lies underneath is often not appealing. I have no hard, scientific evidence for this, but I would say that out of one hundred women you might see strolling down the street on a summer day, no more than ten, at best, are attractive. And I think I am being generous with that figure. It is more like perhaps five out of one hundred, maybe even one. That includes all women from ages18-50. Beyond age fifty there are virtually no attractive women. I could talk about men too but this about women since that is what interests me.

Sorry if this sounds bad to some people, but I believe it is the truth. Then again, I do have a high aesthetic taste, so my standards are probably higher than most. However, there a few salient facts to consider.

Women who are fat, old, out of shape, and who wear tight clothing, especially spandex which highlights every disgusting cottage cheese cellulite dimple on their already gargantuan asses, should be arrested as a public nuisance. Why so many women want to show off their mammoth asses like this is beyond me. It is quite distracting when I am sitting in an outdoor venue trying to read or enjoy the sights and I am bombarded by this spectacle. How this fashion monstrosity came about is unclear, but for too long now people, especially fatties, have taken to the notion that wearing tight clothes in public is somehow appealing. It is not unless you have the body for it. Otherwise it is just disgusting.

If you look at the bodies of most women, they are not proportioned. Wide hips, small, uneven breasts, or overly large and sagging breasts, weird asses, overweight or underweight, obese or anorexic, to just to name a view, are what you will mostly see when watching people in public. Rare is the truly good looking, well proportioned chick.

Many people’s faces are not attractive

And as far as my own experiences with women, what I have encountered at times were disappointing specimens of female beauty. Here are some true adventures from sex land.

For instance, one girl had no ass crack. It was about a quarter of an inch. Her ass looked strange and freakish and non-existent.

Another girls ass was so large that I did not want to get near it. This was at a time I was younger and desperate for sex. After that I said I would never fuck a girl with a large ass again.

Another girl had no ass at all. Her cheeks were no more than a couple of flappy pancakes with no texture or substance. She looked ok when she was clothed, but when she was naked I lost all interest. It was gross.

Another girl’s breasts flopped down like two half empty water balloons when she took her bra off. Nothing like a pair of stretched out nipples staring straight down at the ground. “Hey babies, here I am! Don’t be shy, look up at me, please…”.

Some girls have fake breasts. They often look like two basketballs glued on. Fake and unattractive.

One girl’s vagina smelled so bad that I almost threw up. Another girl had this white goo oozing out of it occasionally which was also pretty gross. Another’s girl vagina had genital warts growing on it. Sometimes blood would come out of someone’s vagina and stain the sheets. Roissy  mentioned shit stains one time, but fortunately I never experienced that.

Sometimes a girl’s ass will smell like shit when you are fucking her from behind.

One time I was eating a girl out in a 69 position and I noticed toilette paper still stuck inside her ass crack. That killed the mood.

Another time I stuck a finger a girl’s ass and gas came out. It did not make a noise but it smelled like a noxious fart. She was probably holding in a fart while I was eating her out. Another girl once told me she was afraid she would fart while I was eating her out.

Another girl actually did enjoy farting in my face while we were in bed. I will never forget the sight of her pantied crotch puffing out when she farted right in my face. She liked farting all the time and would comment on the smell. She also enjoyed taking a shit right in front of me in the bathroom. If only I had known this about her on our first date…such little secrets people keep.

A tampon string sticking out of a girl’s vagina is always soo attractive. I once saw something on TV about “vaginal discharge”. I heard it was when a girl releases all the mucus stuff in her vagina into her panties during the course of a day. Is this true? I heard it was involuntary and it cleanses the vagina.

Pussy farts while fucking a girl from behind are always amusing but not sexy. I love how girls will make even louder, feigned moaning noises to try and drown out the pussy farts.

Some women cannot kiss or have really bad breath. I wont even get into their inability to properly stroke a cock like it is not a piece of wood to be sawed off.

Other girls use plastic surgery for the face, especially the lips. You look like the deformed creation of some mad scientist out of a Gothic novel. Freakish. You cannot escape the snares of old age.

Other women have mushy, cellulite plagued thighs. When they walk they jiggle like slabs of jello. My penis retreats beneath my ball sack in utter fear and disgust when presented with such a sight.

One time a girl had her back on the pillow when I was eating her out and I noticed the buggers stuck in her nose hair.

Girls who have lost a lot of weight have stretch marks and flabby skin. I commend them on losing weight. But there is usually an unfortunate price to pay if you have been really obese. Sorry. Of course we all know what happens to women after childbirth. The vagina never feels the same again and the body is very different. Nothing like flabby skin hanging over or completely covering the pubic area.

And I won’t even mention the phenomena of “front ass”…you know, that large slab of flesh that hangs over some women’s groin almost down to their knees.

One girl snored so loud when sleeping she sounded like a overweight wrestler. She also had such bad breath the whole roomed smelled. One night of that was all I could take.

These are just a few of my more traumatic memories from both personal experiences and other observations in general…

I love clothes. Please, dress well women. What I have described above is all part of being human, but the natural world is really not all that pleasant most of the time. Sometimes it is down right gross. Shit smells. Most people are physically fairly ugly.

I am sure I have provided a lot of disgusting and amusing sights for women too. I am sure the sight of my hairy balls can be quite amusing if not disgusting to some. But one little  difference between men and women is that men can afford to be a little uncouth in a way women can’t. Any negation of the value men place on physical appearance can be lethal for most women, as far the attraction game goes. This is one of the reasons why women who try to act like men sexually are doomed in the end for misery. They will get old and withered and lose what power they once had. The more men they fuck the quicker they will get there too. It is better to seek out love…

And after seeing some of the more disgusting images on “Guess Her Muff” I am never having sex again. One very disturbing image of a varicose veined vagina will never leave me, will haunt my darkest dreams for the rest of my life. And all the floppy vaginas and mutant looking breasts and grannies trying to look young. What is wrong with our society? Old people are not sexually attractive. Most young people are not. Hell, even joining the Taliban is looking good right now. We need to keep women covered up. For their own good as well as our.

This does not even cover the psychological ugliness that I have encountered with so many women. That is another post, if there is ever going to be one again…

This may be the last post ever for Racer X. Sex right now has become unappealing. Sex is really kind of absurd when you think about it, especially the amount of time people put into the effort to get laid.  I wonder why I spent so much time pursuing this? All that sweaty grunting and groaning and strange faces people make…Pleasure I suppose…

I might be back. Blogging is kind of ridiculous too, but that is for another rant.

This is my Declaration of Independence from the absurdities of modern sexuality.