I love exploring a woman’s sexuality. Or rather, I love it when a woman is exploring her sexuality with me. So many attractive women out there who love to fuck, who love the feel of large, hard cock inside them, who love to masturbate nightly, who love to push the boundaries of what is acceptable. As I have said before, inside every woman is a little whore waiting to break out. All she needs is the right man to make it happen or at least help that along. There are few things more delightful then experiencing that modest, proper, seemingly innocent girl you knew for a while turning into a screaming, orgasm hungry nympho in bed. All she needs is a strong man with a nice hard cock that he knows how to use it all night long. Oh, and a talented tongue (and fingers) helps too.

Of course one important thing is to be able to get inside her head before you get inside her pants. Seduction begins in the mind first and foremost.

But what drives my need for seduction, for fucking? Lurking within me are the wild beasts of my sexual desires. They need to be fed. The only thing to satisfy them, to feed them, is the feel of my cock deep inside a woman, to hear the sounds of her soft and loud moaning, her screams of delight as I fuck her insanely. I love fucking. I know my beasts will be satisfied, for the moment, when I pump my hot semen into her moist vagina and hear the sighs of satisfaction passing softly from her lips. At that point my beasts can rest for a while. Perhaps it may be only for a few minutes before the next round of intense fucking occurs, perhaps longer. It all depends. But what I know is that they will stir again and demand to be fed once more. And feeding them is such a delight.

Kassy K mentioned Where the Wild Things Are in her latest post. As I mentioned before this site is completely uninhibited so let me say openly that I would really love to ravish Kassy. She seems to have that unique combination of nice, sensitive, intelligent and sensual. Of course this is all in the blogosphere so you never really know what is going on, so at least I can imagine…But whatever the case, I would like to add her to my list of blogger girls that I would love to go down on, eat her pussy with complete abandon, pleasure in every way imaginable, and fuck all night long. Oh yeah, and I would love to fuck all her girl crushes too.

And you too Chic Noir, if you are still out there. Your sweet pussy needs to be given the attention it deserves in so many different ways.

I love fucking beautiful women.