The hunt is intoxicating. You see her, you want her, you must go after her. What is she like? What does she look like beneath those clothes? What does she like to do sexually? When you see such a beauty nothing else matters in life. You must have her. Then the thrill of the chase begins. A good seducer must know what he is doing, he must be keenly aware of all the subtle and not so subtle signs a woman gives. He must bide his time while luring her in.

I am an advocate of the art of what I will now term: “Pressure-less Seduction”. It has always worked for me. The key is simple: you must let a woman know that you desire sexually, but you must not come on too strong, or too quickly, or seem desperate or needy at all. You must let her know that you can walk away if need be, that although you desire to taste and ravish her sweet vagina, you do not need to do so. There are other women in the world too. Plant the seed in her mind of sex. Sometimes it may take a few months for the flower to bud and even blossom; sometimes it may not bud at all; but you must plant that seed of sexual desire within her. And if it blossoms her pussy will surely become wet for you at some time in the future. She will let you know when, trust me.

The hunt is addictive. I discovery of new pussy is wonderful indeed. I will never get enough. I want to taste and lick as many sweet, beautiful pussies as I can in my lifetime. I want to feel my hot semen fill as many vaginas as I can. I love the feel of my cock pumping a girl nice and full with my seed.